Condenser Microphone for the Girl Who Loves to Sing

RJ got a condenser microphone as a gift from Uncle Guido. As expected, our girl who listens to everything and loves to sing is very happy and excited. She immediately plugged the microphone but to her dismay, it didn’t work. We looked at the specs to have a better understanding why the microphone didn’t work and we found out (well, both RJ and I are not techy) that it needs a phantom powered amplifier and/or mixer.

Though there’s no simple adapter or amplifier that can make it work, we still hoped that somehow there’s a software that we can use. We browsed the website where we always look for top quality music software but got nothing for the new microphone.

A condenser microphone has built-in preamps so what we really need is a phantom powered amplifier with wide operating range. Looks like Mom really needs to buy one for the clearest and most nuanced sound.