A TV Series for the Family

I have five siblings, 1 girl and 4 boys. All of them love action, comedy and suspense movies. I can watch romantic drama movies with my sister but not with my brothers so a funny movie or a mix of genres would be great to watch with them.What I will recommend is not actually a movie. It is an action-comedy-drama television program “Chuck”. Chuck is nickname of Charles Bartowski (Zachary Levi), a computer-geek next door who turned into a spy. This series is hilarious, suspenseful and has some action packed scenes. Like other TV series, there are characters that make Chuck alive and one of them is Ellie, Chuck’s troublesome sister who cares for him and loves him so much. Their relationship as siblings gives this series a little drama scenes and heart. It not only shows how amazing the spy world can be but also how great a family love is. This is a comedy, action and romance, all in one.  In 2009, this series won the Ewwy Award for Best Comedy Series and Zachary Levi for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Hubby and I loves this show. It is so addictive. Now, we are waiting for the next season. If you haven’t seen this, I suggest you download it now.