Ideal Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

The Christmas countdown has already started and many people have also started making their Christmas list this early. You don’t want to be stressed out buying gifts during the holiday rush so it’s ideal to start looking out for the perfect gifts for the special people in your life a couple of months before. For Filipinos, showing love and affection for the oldies is a unique trait thus even the simplest gifts and gestures go a long way in making them feel extra-special. Here are 5 ideal suggestions to help you find ideal Christmas gifts for grandparents this season.

grandparents Christmas gifts
For Filipinos, showing love and affection
for the oldies is a unique trait.

Travel Pillow

Indulge your grandparent’s desire to travel once they have retired. Suggest destinations and activities that they would enjoy and would not be too taxing for them. Make travel more comfortable for them by gifting them with a travel pillow that they can slip on their neck anytime anywhere. It’s small, handy and will allow them to do catnaps while in transit.

Make A Scrapbook or a Photo Album

Reminisce with your grandparents by collecting memorabilia and items from their generation and putting it together in a scrapbook. Find, scan and print pictures of them wearing vintage fashion trends, with their kids and with their grandchildren. It is always a wonderful experience listening to them tell stories of life while you leaf through this scrapbook or photo album.

Bedroom Slippers

Show how much you care about your grandparents’ heavy calloused feet by slipping them on a pair comfy, fuzzy and cozy bedroom slippers. This simple gift will go a long way in making them feel your thoughtfulness. They will forever love you for this.


Surprise your grandfather or grandmother with tunes from their generation. Download music into your iPod, PC and give them a pair of headphones or earphone and watch their faces lit up with songs they’ve been listening to while growing up.

Picture Frames

Grandparents are usually notorious for dotting on their grandchildren and giving them framed photos of you and your cousins will truly fatten their hearts! This is a simple yet very meaningful ideal Christmas gift for grandparents. Don’t worry about giving them a framed “selfie” for they will probably treasure this gift more than anything else.

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With Gratitude: Teaching Children To Be Thankful for Gifts They Received Last Christmas

thankfulChristmas is a season for children. The little ones spend the entire year looking forward to this season when they receive loads of gifts. Our children are lucky enough that their parents and friends can afford to give them the gifts that they want. They are oblivious to the suffering and death of resources that other children in other parts of the world are experiencing. As parents, we have to make sure that our children are truly thankful for the gifts that they receive and the life that they live. Aside from some social consciousness, showing our kids how to be grateful will teach them to put more value in what they have. They should be made to understand the value of hard work and diligence in being able to enjoy these material things.

The first thing that you have to do to teach your children to be thankful is to lead by example. They should see you with the same behaviour and attitude. For every little thing that you receive, express sincere gratitude. You might think nothing of it, but your reaction when your children give you hand-made gifts or simple greeting cards have an effect on how grateful they will become. Be appreciative of their little gestures of love and giving.

Expressing gratitude through generosity is another way through which your children can learn to be thankful. Teach them the attitude of “giving back.” Participating in charity events is one way to demonstrate this attitude. You can also organize your own charitable project by rounding up your family members and friends to either raise funds or goods to give to the less fortunate. Volunteering at the soup kitchen is another example of a charitable deed that could be an eye-opener for kids to realize how lucky they are with the things that they have. It’s not only about the Christmas gifts that they received, it’s about being thankful for living the kind of life that they have.

What Will I Get This Holiday

At last, after waiting for three days, this site is now in its full transition from blogspot to its own domain. I was planning to put up a new self-hosted site when this site’s PR became N/A from PR3. A bad rating but a good time to have its own domain. I do not know what is Mr. Google’s basis on rating the sites. Anyhow, I hope that he will grant my reconsideration after I uploaded the sitemaps. Because of this, I am late for Couple’s Corner again.
So, what will I get this Holiday? Here are my wild guesses…
From Tatay and Nanay-kitchenware. It is what I always get from them and has been routine for years.
From my sister-Olay moisturizer and perfume. I asked for it =-), but I will not receive it until next year because she just sent the package.
From my brothers-nothing I guess. They are not that thoughtful. I am always the one giving them gifts.
From friends-either beaded accessories, hankies or scented candles.
From Rhonnel-hair iron. He heard me planning to buy one.
From RJ…the sweetest hugs and kisses. These are the most precious for me.
Giving and receiving are traditions that fulfill Christmas. However, we are not obliged to give if we do not have the money. We can let our family and friends know how much we care by just giving them simple cards or by simply hugging and kissing them.