Simple Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

Children have inane talents and creativity that when encouraged by parents, can lead to great achievements. It is a wonderful gift from God that should be nurtured and put in practice, but the question now is, how as parents can you help your child explore their creative talents? Here are a few suggestions that may help you and your child’s creativity take flight.
nurturing child's creativity

Let them Explore

According to the country’s renowned neurologist, Dr. Cuanang of St. Luke’s Medical Center, “creativity is the highest form of expression of what the mind can be capable of.” He advises parents to allow their kids to gravitate towards what they are most interested in. Do not block the child, rather watch for the things that they like and don’t like as they grow up.

Expose Kids to Creative Sensibilities

Parents should be very strict when it comes to children trying to express their imagination. Books are very significant in opening up child’s creativity and it exposes him/her to many things. Special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas should also be encourage to put up shows, sing or dance to entertain the adults. During summer breaks, you can also enroll them in basic photography workshop or art classes, voice or guitar lessons, dance and acting classes, the opportunities out there is boundless!

Be Their Role Model

One of the best ways to help nurture child’s creativity is to set an example to them. If they see you and people around him being musical, artsy and creative, he will remember the things that you usually do and will follow your lead. Seeing you or any of your family members practicing vocal harmony, cousins being in a dance troupe or moms being creative in the kitchens will lead a kid’s interest towards the same.

Broaden their Mind and Body

The mind can imagine the wildest things, exercise your child’s mind potential by reading, telling stories, going out, travelling and even dreaming! The body has lots of ways to move, to express and communicate. Teach your child to express with their eyes and communicate with their voices and their body language. Give Positive Reinforcements

This doesn’t need to be material things, but giving kids constant pat of the back and sincere praises for their creativity does wonders for validating their efforts and nurturing their creative talents.

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David Castillo Dominici

Children and Arts

I love arts and everything about it. It brings me pleasure that I can’t explain. I am happy that RJ also got this passion for arts. She loves to draw, sketch, color and make crafts just like me. She appreciates amazing designs and crafts like this bar stools. She even asked me if we can make stools like these for our house. I suddenly wanted to ask the owner where they bought their bar supplies. 🙂

I must agree with RJ…the bar stools are lovely and so are the tables. She sure has good eyes for great crafts. I think it runs in the blood.

Not all children are born with passion for arts but do you know that you can develop this bond between your children and arts that will enhance their creativity? By doing so, you can help them express their emotions and improve their social skills as well. Arts can also heal your child’s fear and trauma.

What are you waiting for? Encourage your child now to draw, color, mold clays or explore even if it means getting their hands dirty.