Best Contenders for a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Although a prepaid cell phone plan was originally seen as a poor alternative to a plan with a contract, that is definitely changing these days. Prepaid plans fit perfectly into many individuals’ lifestyles. The benefits of these plans can help people stay connected with loved ones while not creating a large monthly expense.

Today’s prepaid plans often include numerous benefits that were previously seen only with contract plans. Many prepaid plans offer texting and data usage. Users may not notice much of a difference between some prepaid plans and contract plans on a major network. These plans often use the same networks as contract plans, providing excellent service throughout the nation and in foreign countries in some cases. The following options are the best contenders for a prepaid cell phone plan.

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Benefits for Senior Citizens

Perhaps one of the top groups of individuals who can benefit from prepaid cell phone plans is senior citizens. Oftentimes, these individuals do not want a complicated smartphone. Instead, they just want a simple phone that will enable them to stay in touch with friends and family members. In addition, a pay as you go plan is perfect for seniors who want to have a phone with them in the car or at home in case of emergencies.

Benefits for Teenagers

Prepaid plans are also perfect for teenagers who often use a great deal of minutes and data during a month. When given a contract plan, a teenager may incur large overage charges from texting constantly, playing games and interacting with friends on social media sites. However, a prepaid plan will help parents place a cap on teenager’s cell phone habits.

Benefits for People Who Have Landlines

People who already have landlines may not feel that they need a full cell phone plan with a contract because they already have access to great local phone rates. However, these people may wish to have a prepaid cell phone plan in case of emergencies. This type of plan is also good for those who simply wish to travel with a cell phone but who do not feel the need to use one while at home.

Benefits for People Who Have Poor Credit

Of course, it is well known that prepaid plans are perfect for people who have no credit history or for those who have a poor credit score. A cell phone contract requires checking an individual’s credit history and higher prices may apply for those with poor credit. However, there is no credit check involved with a prepaid plan.

Benefits for People Who Do Not Want to Commit

Most cell phone carriers offer plans with two-year contracts. A great deal on a cell phone usually comes with these contracts. However, some people do not want to feel committed to one phone or one carrier for that length of time. A prepaid plan allows users to change plans or phones at any time.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Options

§ T-Mobile is a great option for people who want the security of using one of the nation’s major cell phone carriers. There are numerous plans, including pay as you go and pay by the day. Users can also pay in advance for data

§ Cricket offers numerous plans, some of which include texting and data. Users can also choose from great phones, such as those that feature Android.

§ TracFone is a great option for people who travel internationally. TracFone also offers a pay as you go plan in which users can purchase a specified number of minutes at one time.

§ Virgin Mobile is a very popular choice because it is extremely similar to contract plans. Virgin uses the Sprint network, and therefore has great reception around the country. In addition, users have many great phones from which to choose.

Prepaid cell phone plans typically offer similar services when compared with plans that are on a two-year contract. In addition, prepaid plans are perfect for people who do not want a long-term cell phone commitment or for those who have poor credit. Senior citizens and teenagers often find this type of plan to be advantageous. With many carriers offering prepaid plans, the choices today are numerous.

Compare and Choose the Best Cell Phone Plan

Cell phone is the “IN” thing today. But is it worth the additional expenses on your monthly bills? Yes it is. Cell phone is necessity that provides convenience. You can bring it everyday, everywhere making it easy for you to contact anyone at anytime most especially during emergencies. Having a cell phone does not mean you cannot shrink your monthly bills.
When getting your cell phone, you do not have to worry about the huge amount of monthly payments. You can choose from wide range of cell phone plans. But first you need to know which carriers provide services in your area and know all the plans and rates they are offering. For example, Verizon Wireless cell phone plans starts from a basic package to premium unlimited package. If you are an occasional user and want a low cost option, then you can go for the basic package.
If you need a phone for business, then you need a cell phone plan with a lot of minutes and flexibility like the Sprint. It offers innovative features such as free night calls starting at 7pm and a push-to-talk voice services that is popular with business users. You can compare your current monthly bills with cell phone plans by Sprint. You will be amazed to find out how much you can save with their flexible plans.
Looking for a provider though is not that complicated. The purpose why you got your cell phone determines which plan you will need. Compare what you have got to what other providers are offering then choose the right plan where you can save a lot.