Playing with Your Kids is Vital

I got so busy with household chores and other tasks since last week thus I have no time to play with RJ. Guilty as I am, I promised to play with her this weekend. It will be a 4 day vacation for her and hubby because of the National Heroes Day and Eid’l Fitr (end of the holy month of Ramadan) plus the regular weekend so we can play longer.

I may get easily caught up with work and other activities but it doesn’t mean I give less importance to RJ. Nothing is much more important to me than a time spend with her. It is just that sometimes I have deadlines to meet. I miss playing with her. Her favorite is the role playing…she’s the owner and cashier of a grocery store while I am the customer. She has a pink cash register that has a sound of the real barcode scanner. It has calculator too.

toy cash register

Playing with your kids can help you understand them more. You will learn what they need at each stage of development and what interest them. You will also see their talents and abilities, know what their desires are and test their patience that is why it is vital to join in from time to time, if not everyday.