What Are the Best Carpets To Buy, Requiring The Least Maintenance?

Are you in search of a new carpet for your home? Something that is both stylish, fitting in with the décor of your home, and also that is very easy to maintain, requiring less cleaning (or at least is easier to clean)? It can be pretty tough to track down a carpet that looks good and is easy to keep clean also. Luckily, we here at 580 Carpet Cleaners are here to help, with some tips that may narrow your search somewhat.

Consider the setting:

By this, we mean, where in the home is the carpet going to be laid? For example, if you are laying the carpet in your entrance hallway or foyer, then something along the lines of carpet tiles are a great solution. This is typically a high traffic area, with a lot of footfall. These tiles usually have short, tight piles, meaning they are pretty easy to clean, and to remove stains and debris from. They are long lasting as well, as they have a hard rubber backing, meaning that stains that could potentially sink deep into the piles, will not destroy the backing as a result.

How About Living / Bedroom Areas?

There’s nothing quite like the soft, luxurious feel of a soft & shaggy carpet on your feet. These kinds of carpets are great for things like minimising sound and as a warmth retainer, but they can stain easily and are usually harder to clean also. It could be worth considering sourcing a Saxony style of carpet for this kind of setting. These are textured pile carpets, and are easy to clean. Another type of carpet you can source is a multilevel loop (in reference to the pile). These are termed “medium density”, meaning they are a little softer, but by default, are harder to maintain.

Carpets for Stairs:

There are a huge number of options available for carpeting for stairs, from cut pile to looped pile. These look great, but they are prone to problems, especially when being laid initially. The best kind of carpet for stairs is a woven wool style. Although expensive, they are relatively thickly piled, compared with other types. These carpets are extremely durable, and with each individual piece of yarn held in place in the woven backing, they will last quite a long time.

Regardless of Carpet Type, Don’t Neglect Cleaning!

The truth is, no matter what kind of carpet you buy, you should not neglect to regularly vacuum. Furthermore, it is recommended that you have your carpets cleaned annually by a professional carpet cleaning service provider, such as us here at 580 Carpet Cleaning. This will ensure that you save money by maximising the life of your carpet, meaning you will not need to replace those expensive carpets nearly as often. This one step alone will add years to the life time of your carpets, keeping them looking as near to new as possible.

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Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

As a mother and homemaker, it is your obligation to provide your family a home that is nice, clean and comfy. However, there are times that both your job and household chores are too much to handle. During these instances, it is hard to keep everything clean and tidy most especially the carpet. You won’t have any choice but to delegate someone or hire a Green Choice carpet cleaner to clean your carpet. Green carpet cleaners use certified green cleaning products that has no significant substances that can harm the environment.

professional carpet cleaners

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If you think that hiring carpet cleaners is a luxury, you’re wrong. In fact, thousands of home owners every year are asking help from carpet cleaners. Besides, it is better to hire professional carpet cleaners than clean the carpet yourself. Here are the reasons why…

1. Carpets are made from different materials; acrylic, nylon, wool, polyester, etc., which reacts differently with various cleaners and chemicals. Professional carpet cleaners know how to clean and what type of cleaning agents to use on a particular carpet without damaging it.

2. Professional carpet cleaners use powerful carpet cleaning machines that not just clean your carpet but also kill mites, germs and other contaminants. You can be assured of that the carpet is safe for your children to play on.

3. Cleaning the carpet without knowing the proper method or product to use will make your carpet look worst. Professional carpet cleaners have the proper knowledge, methods and tricks how to completely remove difficult dirt and stains such as dyes, sauces, chocolate, ink and wax.

4. Renting a carpet cleaning machine is a hassle. Just lugging it from the store to your home consumes time not to mention the back pains it may cause you.

5. Last but not the least, if you’re a busy parent (or even a stay-at-home Mom), it is better to spend some precious time playing and bonding with your children instead of polishing, scrubbing and vacuuming for hours.