Jack of All Trades

Would you believe that I know how to paint a house, make a small table or even cabinet? In fact here in our house I am more like the man when it comes to carpentry and repair of anything. Hubby hates doing such tasks because he doesn’t have the skills while I, on the otherhand, love to do things as much by hand to express my creativity. I love to do almost everything that’s why my family calls me “jack of all trades”.

I grew up in a province where almost everything had to be made with hands. I love watching my father and grandpa work and make a piece out of wood and bamboo, from chairs and cupboards to bamboo floors. Their crafts always fascinate me. When I was in high school we had industrial arts subject where we were taught carpentry works…then everything started there. I learned how to use saw and hammer. I also learned how to plane surfaces, scrape and sand. I even know how to use spring or ball plungers. Yes, I have mastered the use of almost every tool.

I always look for a new and exciting things to try. It maybe unusual for a woman like me to do male jobs but doing such things challenges me. Besides I want to show that stay-at-home Moms do a lot more than cook and sit at home.