Our First Family Camping

We had our family day once again at Quezon Memorial Circle but this time it was different. We brought not ony a picnic mat but in addition we also had a tent with us. It was our very first camping and RJ was filled with excitement. She did not only enjoy, she also learned that there are lots of things she can do that do not require electricy. It was an awesome day without computer, video games and television.

child and musicThe first time campers…

child and musicHubby and RJ while sleeping…savoring the fresh air.

child and musicCamping is not complete without picnic.

Camping is one of the most affordable family activities. It could be a car camping, canoe camping or backpacking. But most camping family starts out doing what we call tent camping. Here in Metro Manila I know only two areas where you could camp out…at Quezon Memorial Circle (for day camping only) and La Mesa Eco Park (for overnight camping).

Why not take your family to camping now? It is a wonderful way to build a closer connection amongst parents and kids plus, your kids can get truly close to nature…something that is often difficult when living in the city.