Craft Your Custom Business Cards Online

I was very glad when my loving husband made me custom business cards before I met my fellow bloggers. Those were simple cards that truly made my day. I was able to give my blogger friends my cutie cards, bearing my sites URLs, my contact number and email address. I am lucky that my husband knows too much about these things. Now I am asking him again to make me business cards with better paper and design that reflects my personality.
If you want custom business cards too but do not know how to make them, worry no more because you can design your own custom printed business cards online. Your options are unlimited due to large scope of the designs and templates available. What you need to do first is choose the paper you want, if it is matte or glossy finish. Then with the help of a professional online tool, you can choose the template you want, and adjust the color, fonts, texts and graphics. You can be an artist for a moment and craft your dazzling business cards.
So, why do your business cards need to be customized? It is because custom business cards can build stronger impression than the traditional ones.

Love Letters and Cards

Inside this box are love letters and cards hubby and I gave to each other when we were still on a courting and dating stage. That was more than 10 years ago and it’s been years since I last opened this box. I accidentally saw it again when I was cleaning the house.

I used to give special cards to my loved ones especially to Rhonnel. What was so special about my cards? They were all handcrafted. I personally made them. Below are some of the cards I made for Rhonnel.

Oh, those were the sweet days. Well, Rhonnel and I are still sweet to each other and love spending so much time together. It’s just that we don’t give each other letters and cards anymore. And I must admit I miss receiving love letters. I know, I know, it sounds corny. But don’t you miss receiving one again from your husband or wife?

In this fast-paced life, there’s is a growing disappearance in the practice of sitting down with paper and pen to communicate our love. That is one of the disadvantages of this high tech world. Nobody writes love letters anymore. Why would they bother when they can text exactly what they wanted to say and can send e-card in a snap? But can you read it again after 10 or 20 years?That’s the edge of love letters and cards over text messages and e-cards. If you will keep them carefully, you can look into it again after 10, 20 or even 30 years after. There is also something magical about love letters that text messages and e-cards don’t have. Love letters seem to have that magnetic-pull-to-your-heart. I think that is what I am missing, the goose bumps while reading love letters.

Customize Your Own Business Cards

Before the She-Bloggers meet up, my husband surprised me with my own business cards which he designed and made in the office. He said that since it is my first time to meet my blogging friends, it is best to give them my card so they can easily get in touch with me through my personal contact information printed in the card. It was so sweet of him. He definitely knows my taste and I loved it so much.

If you want business cards with your personal touch, you can now easily customize it online.  More than anyone else, it is you who knows your business and taste when it comes to designs so why not customize your own card?  Everything you need is available online such as easy online tools, themed template designs based on your profession or business and a very easy to follow instructions.  You can even upload your image if you want.

We may be living now in a digital era but business cards still exist and it is good to have them always in your pocket than to fumble with scratch papers to leave your contact information to someone. The good thing is, you can do it all with the computer you are at right now.