Five Ways to Make Your Kid’s Room More Fun


When I say mobile, it’s not what you’re thinking. Children should be kept away from mobile phones for as long as possible (preferably until they can afford to pay for it themselves). By mobiles I mean a decorative structure that’s suspended from the ceiling so that it can move freely in the breeze, or be turned by hands. Mobiles for adults were made by artists such as Miro in the 60’s and are fun and beautiful for all ages. You can buy this at some art shops or children’s toy shops, but you can also easily make your own by drawing or cutting out images of animals, machines or story characters that your children like; you can also get your kids to draw their own! Laminate them, and then get to work with some unbent coat hangers, needle and thread.

kid's room
Buying your children a bunk bed is an excellent way to give them the feeling that they are in a tree house, the crow’s nest of a pirate ship…. the only limit is their imagination.

Rug Up

The floor of their bedroom is the space where a lot of children spend most of their time; playing with toys, drawing, reading. Adorning the floor with something colourful, beautiful or even interactive gives an extra dimension to their playtime. For young children, you can get rugs that depict two dimensional street scenes that they can run their cars and other vehicles along, giving a tactile dimension to their imaginative world. For what will suit the interests of your child, and the style and dimensions of their room, check out our full rug range at

Bunk Up

Almost all children like climbing things; while trees may be a little nerve wracking for some parents, buying your children a bunk bed is an excellent way to give them the feeling that they are in a treehouse, the crow’s nest of a pirate ship…. the only limit is their imagination. Even if you only have one child, or only one child sleeping in that room, they will enjoy the added elevation, and you might be able to adapt the bottom level to storage; or perhaps a private suite for all of their stuffed animals?

Brighten Up

Lighting is an essential aspect of any interior, and that includes your children’s rooms! If your child likes to sleep with a nightlight, you can find a range of cute and playful ones shaped like animals, stars and moons, and a huge number of other styles. Overhead lighting can be a bit bleak in any space, so consider trying a standard or wall mounted lamp, or even fairylights. A touch lamp beside your child’s bed will spare them trying to fiddle with switches and knocking it over if they have to get up in the middle of the night.

Put it On Display

Instead of ordinary storage ideas like wardrobes, cupboards and books shelves, try using stacked pigeon holes, either attached to the wall from ground level or mounted at the eye level of your little one. If you kids have ornaments or other precious objects like photos, trophies, stuffed toys or seashells they can put them in the pigeon holes not only to be admired, but it also allows for easier access to toys!

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Stylish Bunk Bed for Kids

We’ll have a house renovation this year. I know I have said this a hundred times but this time, hubby promised to push it no matter what. The renovation won’t be that extensive though. It’ll be reroofing, retiling of our bathroom, repainting of the whole house and a little repair here and there. I am also thinking of refurnishing RJ’s bedroom. Her bed was made when she was still 3 years old. It’s now a little shorter for her and the design is no longer  appropriate for her age. She also needs a bigger study table and chest for her toys. However, with the very limited bedroom space, what RJ needs is a bunk bed that includes almost everything…an all-in-one bed that is. This bunk bed with desk, chair and chest will conserve the precious space in RJ’s room. It is stylish and extremely practical with spacious drawers to hide away or display things plus, there would be an extra space for a friend. It’s just perfect!

Bunk beds are the best solution if you have problems on bedroom space and storage. By using the vertical space, there would be enough area for the kids to play at. It comes it various designs and sizes that can be made of wood, bamboo or metal frames. Sometimes, there are add-on options to blend with any decor thus decorating your kids’ room can be so much fun!