Ala Eh! Cafe Amadeo

Batangueña as I am, their signage easily caught my attention. With “Ala Eh!”, to which the Batangueños are famous for, who’s Batangueño wouldn’t be interested to have his breakfast in this little diner in Quezon City Memorial Circle?

Ala Eh! Cafe Amadeo is just small a small place, with four tables but it is air conditioned, with  nice  ambiance and mellow music playing.

Rhonnel ordered tapsilog (wondering if it is the famous tapang Taal), while I had  Vigan longganisa which I was craving for weeks and chocolate mousse for RJ.

fried rice, cured beef and sunny side up egg with pickled papaya on the side; P70 ($1.60)
fried rice, Vigan longganisa, sunny side up egg with pickled papaya on the side; cost P90 ($2)
chocolate mousse with free drinks of your choice; cost P80 ($1.80)
Ala Eh! Cafe Amadeo also serves different flavors of coffee such as the famous Batangas’ “kapeng barako” and Cavite’s “kapeng alamid”.

Filipino Breakfast

What is the typical Filipino breakfast? Fried garlic rice, dried fish, egg (sunny side up), tomatoes and coffee. If you do not eat dried fish, then you are just a half-blooded Filipino. lol! I am just kidding. If you do not like dried fish then you can have tapa (marinated beef), tocino (sweet cured pork) or longanisa (Filipinos’ native sausage). Below is an example of a  typical Filipino breakfast. It is not only delicious, it is also easy peasy to prepare and cook. You will enjoy this meal more if you will not use spoon and fork. Just use for hand…hmmm….



For most Filipinos, having a heavy breakfast before leaving for work is important to be energized and prepared for a long day’s work. As they say, eat like a king on breakfast. Kain na po tayo!