We Love Books

The three of us love books. Rhonnel has this collection of pocketbooks and Word War II encyclopedias, I have few collections of pocketbooks and RJ has so many children’s books. I can’t count how many books we have in all. Hubby is addicted to reading and I used to read a lot (that was before I was introduced to blogging), and we became RJ’s role models.
This was taken when she was 3 years old.

I still remember one time when we went to the mall, RJ was two years old then and Rhonnel was carrying her, we passed by toy section but RJ had no reaction at all. When we passed by books section RJ wanted to get down. Rhonnel let her then she got two childrens books. Of course we went home with those books. RJ loved the bedtime stories time. It was one of our bonding moments. No wonder she can read and spell simple words at the age of three.

Bedtime, 5 years ago.

Now, whenever we go to bookstore, we see RJ in the books section, browsing. There are times that we do not want to buy her books anymore because she already has plenty of them. Then she will say, “I don’t have this one yet.”

This is the advantage of taking her pictures all the time. I always have photos to share on our weekly memes. Have a great weekend everyone!