Keep Your Children Safe – Look…Listen…Learn!

I am grateful that someone gave this book “Look…Listen…Learn!” to RJ. Though I can’t remember who you are, “Thank you very much!”

safety tips for children

Just like adults who need to learn road courtesy and basic automotive trouble shooting, even if they have roadside assistance plans to prevent road accidents, children need to know what are the unsafe actions and conditions inside and outside their homes that would lead them to injuries and accidents. Children are inquisitive by nature and they want to explore their environment from time to time. As parent it is your responsibility to educate and explain to your children why they need to wear helmet when riding a bike, why they should not put metal objects in electrical sockets, or why they should not cross the streets alone. “Look…Listen…Learn” will help you explain to your children why.

safety tips

It is a collection of short stories of safety messages written in simple language that your children can understand. Educating your children in a form of story is a great idea because children are always interested to stories shared with them. They listen and remember the stories later.

Don’t just say “NO” to your children. Give them the information they need to play safe and stay safe. Keep your children safe…look…listen…learn!

The Book that Made Me Cry

I was already in high school when I started reading novels. I loved pocket books of Sweet Valley High and Tagalog Romance from Gilda Olvidado, Lualhati Bautista and Helen Meriz. Too bad I cannot remember the title of that novel from Gilda Olvidado. It was the first and only book that made me cry. The story is about marriage for convenience. Because they do not love each other, the couples are fighting almost everyday. They begin to fall for each other but both are afraid to admit, until the wife was diagnosed with cancer. I hate the ending that made me cry…the wife died on her husband’s arms. I know the plot was not that good but I was a teenager then, still touchy and shallow.
On my last years in high school, I suddenly shifted to suspense and detective stories and when I was in college, I became number one fan of Sidney Sheldon and still a big fan of him until now.