Colorful Birthday

Saturday was indeed colorful because it was our unica hija’s 9th birthday. Weee! Original plan was to have a party but the celebrant changed her mind on the last minute. She just wanted the three of us to eat at KFC. But birthdays are not complete without balloons and cake so hubby and I surprised RJ with colorful balloons and with her favorite cake which is Red Ribbon’s black forest (with nine colorful candles) to give her a colorful birthday.

birthdaythe birthday celebrant…happy with our surprises…

birthday cake made her wish and blew the candles…

birthday celebrant

pretty even with uncombed hair.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken.



We love you very much!


Black Forest

I know, I know…dieters like me should not eat cakes, chocolates or anything sweet. But what if your husband comes home with black forest cake? It was so tempting so I ate an slice…and another slice…and another slice.


black forest


Below are the nutrition facts of a slice of black forest:
calories 380
calories from fat 144
total fat 16g.
total carbohydrates 30g.
protein 29g.
black forest slice
I consumed three slices so that is a total of 1,140 calories. There goes my two weeks of dance workout.