How to Throw a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

birthday party
Give your child a fun and exciting birthday
party by being creative and resourceful, as
well as taking advantage of a few bargains.

Planning a great kids birthday party shouldn’t have to break the budget. With a bit of careful preparation, you can seriously cut the costs of your child’s special celebration. Here are a few top tips on the best ways to throw a fun kids birthday party on a budget.

DIY Catering

While it might be tempting to rely on buying all of your food ready-made or having the event catered, it can quickly turn into a really expensive exercise. By looking after your own catering, you not only save significant amounts of money, you can ensure that the kids get wholesome and healthy food throughout the party. For snacks, try simple dips with crackers and fresh sliced vegetables for a healthy and fun twist. Small party pies are simple to make and will be a hit with all the kids, and you can balance this with some fresh sliced fruit as a sweet treat. Instead of worrying about baking a big birthday cake, why not try small cupcakes with one for every guest. Do some special decorations on the one for the birthday child to ensure they feel special on their big day.

Bargain Themed Decorations

When it comes to getting great decorations at bargain prices, you can’t beat dollar shops and discount stores. From streamers, glitter, stickers and signs to special balloons and party bags, you’ll find all your birthday decorating needs at a fraction of the normal price. Sticking to a theme makes decorating simple and easy, and creates a truly cohesive and impressive look. From invitations to costumes, you’ll find it at your local variety store.

Low Cost Games and Entertainment

Having great entertainment for your child’s birthday definitely doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes the simplest games are the best, and there are plenty of low cost options that you can use. A good treasure hunt is a great way to get the kids in the party mood, and gives everyone an opportunity to participate. Old favourites can be modified to suit the theme of your party, with variations on games such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey being changed to Pin the Parrot on the Pirate, or whatever the theme may be. Your imagination is truly the only limit when it comes to thinking up some fun yet simple birthday games.

Stick to Your Limits

It’s important to set yourself a clear budget when planning your party, and be careful not to go over it. It’s very easy to get carried away with the excitement of planning the perfect party for your child, and then find yourself struggling with the costs afterwards. Think about how much you would like to spend on food, decorations and accessories and make sure you shop to the budget. This will ensure that you can relax and enjoy your child’s birthday party without experiencing the guilt and stress of having spent too much.

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With these top tips, you will be able to enjoy a stress free event which won’t break the bank. Give your child a fun and exciting birthday party by being creative and resourceful, as well as taking advantage of a few bargains. Remember to check out the Fox Symes blog if you would like some quality financial advice to help you get back on track with your finances and focus on the important things in life.

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Preparing for Your Child’s First Birthday Party Made Easy

When your child reaches one year old, he has most likely already taken his first step, uttered his first syllables, and eaten his first solid food. And these are just some of the many milestones he has reached in his first year of life. This is why his first birthday is worth celebrating with an elaborate 1st birthday party.

first birthday party

However, first birthday party isn’t always that easy to plan and to prepare for. Unlike, birthdays for older children or adults, guests are a mix of varied generations and often dissimilar interests. It can also be a challenge to come up with a theme that would please the celebrant and all the guests. Add to that the difficulty of getting all party paraphernalia ready while attending to the needs of your little one.

This is where party planners and suppliers like Party Pail come handy. They take the strenuous task of planning and preparing for the birthday party off your shoulders and allow you to focus on making the celebrant healthy and happy on his special day. This doesn’t mean though that they have full control of what your child’s birthday party would be like. Your insights are considered and you do get to choose the party theme and party supplies. They just make things easier by being the ones to prepare the party paraphernalia and by handling the logistics. is a party supplier that can simplify preparations for your child’s first birthday party. With over 30 themes to choose from and packages that can be customized, you’d have everything ready for the party in no time at all. Moreover, you get to spend less than you would if you opt to buy the party supplies yourself because Party Pail provides you with high quality products at the lowest possible costs. Also, they place a premium on customer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service.

On the day of the party, fun and festivities are naturally always centered on the celebrant. Nonetheless, do give yourself also a pat on the back because, like your baby, you have also accomplished a lot as a mother in the past year.

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Birthday Party Planning Made Simple

Be it your own party or your loved ones’, birthday party planning is not that easy. A thorough preparation and a lot of time to spend are needed if you want the party to be perfect. For a memorable themed party, you have to take into consideration what your theme is before making your guest list so it would be easier for you to relate every party detail to the theme, from invitations to decorations and food to serve.

birthday party planningThemed party possibilities are endless but if you want a memorable party with a unique twist, you might want to consider an authentic Mexican themed party that is both spicy and fun. Stop by and check out Mattito’s, one of those known banquet halls in dallas tx. With Mattito’s private fiestas and banquets, your guests will leave satisfied and with a lot of experience on Mexican’s legendary traditions. They offer private rooms with space from 20 to over 200 guest for all types of events including birthdays. It is very easy to book a room at Mattito’s as they have a readily available form on their website that you need to fill out or you can just call the manager on duty to schedule your party and to get more details that you want to know. Or, if you want a memorable expensive party with Texas friendly atmosphere that the celebrant would treasure for a lifetime, you can check one of the dallas west end restaurants that serves nothing but quality USDA choice steaks.

Thanks to the available options. Now, birthday party planning has made simple.You can plan your loved ones birthday and make it as special as you can with no hassles. All you need to do is make some research about the restaurant, have your reservation and make your payment and the establishments will take care of everything else.

Sati’s Fun-Filled Day

Wondering why we’re in purple? It was one of the motifs in Sati’s first birthday that was held at Jollibee, Ortigas Roosevelt. Sati the famous baby in blogniverse, is Pehpot’s youngest child.
RJ with Joy, Pehpot and Sati
It was a fun-filled day not only for our little ones but for the Mommy Bloggers as well. I got the chance to meet some of the mommies in blogniverse and they are all nice.
RJ had fun too and was happy with her prizes and loot bag.
RJ and Jill
RJ and Joy
We went home with foods and fab give aways.
I used this eco bag right away. It’s a cute addition to my eco bags.
To Pehpot and Sati, thank you very much for that wonderful day! Mwaah!