The 6G’s

6G’s is what hubby and his friends called themselves during their high school days. Yes, they are together that long. Why 6G’s? Well, obviously because they were six then and G stands for whatever you can think of (gwapo, gago, ginoo, etc.) So if you are one of those who have grudges on them, just think of the worst G word. lol!

Seriously, 6G’s are six no more (wondering what happened to Philip) but still they are calling themselves 6G’s. They are together since high school until each one of them got married and raised their own families. They are Godfather of each others’ children and their wives are also now good friends. In other words, they have been through a lot of things and happenings.


6G’s and their families are having reunions twice a year, one every summer which is swimming and the other one during Christmas season, videoke and gift giving. Just last Sunday, we had our summer reunion at Loreland Farm in Antipolo. Though the place is not that dazzling for me, we enjoyed because each family brought great foods and our kids had fun.

Introducing the 6G’s with their families:

(from top left to bottom right)

The Dacios, the Cantoses, the Carloses and the Pascuals.

6G’s started at six and now we are more than triple including the Arniegos who are not in the picture. They didn’t make it but promised to join us next time.

“There is magic in the memory of schoolboy friendships; it softens the
heart, and even affects the nervous system of those who have no heart.”

~ Bejamin Disraeli ~

We are the Best Buddies

”We ‘re the Best of Friends” is the interesting topic today at Couple’s Corner. This is about the couples being the best of friends. Rhonnel and I can relate to this because we are couple and best friends at the same time. Before Rhonnel courted me, we’re “barkadas”. We had fun together because we have the same set of friends and went out in group. We know how each other react on green jokes. He knows how I pig eat and vise versa. We know each others’ strength and we can tolerate each others’ weaknesses. And because we know each other that well, we have no any inhibitions and hidden expectations thus we didn’t have disappointments when we lived under one roof. That’s the advantage of being friends first before going on a serious relationship. You will learn to love the best and worst in a person, along with his or her deepest secrets.


I can proudly say that I am Rhonnel’s best buddy. He can tell directly to me if he wants to go to a beerhouse with his friends and when he gets home he can tell me stories of what happened  that night, how many bottles he had, how beautiful or ugly the girls are and how the girls danced. I am also his confidante. I know all his problems and all his plans, except of course if he wanted to surprise me.

We are each others’ critique too. He tells me frankly if my cooking is bad or praises it if it is good. He tells me if I am fat or if I needed a haircut. He tells me if my fart stinks and vice versa. We learned to love each other more by loving our negative traits.

Our being best buddies is what re-creating that magic in our ten years of marriage. By being couple and best friends at the same time, we maintain a balanced harmonious relationship and hoping to be the same for 65 more years.

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