How to Find a Good Air Mattress

The ventilation in our bedroom is not that good and we can’t sleep without using the air conditioner. In order to limit the use of electricity and save, we decided to sleep on the living room with a mattress on the floor and with the main door open for a well ventilation. However every morning, we have to carry back again the mattress in the bedroom. Because of this routine for almost three months now, our mattress is beginning to deteriorate. We need to buy a new one but what I want this time is an air mattress that can be easily inflated and deflated so we don’t have to bring it back  in the bedroom everyday. It can be  easily stored and can be used by our guests as well. But how to find a good twin air mattress? What are the things to consider before buying one? By doing some research, I found out three important things:

•    Look for air mattress that is made from very durable materials and with sturdy side rails that could withstand puncture so as to prevent leak.

•    2 inches thick natural latex is just perfect. Those thicker than 2 inches add too much weight while the thinner ones sag on larger framed individuals.
•    Tri-zone air beds are the best air beds for it has three chambers that can be adjusted individually on your desired firmness for suitable support and relieving back pains.

RJ’s Bed is Yellow

RJ’s favorite color is pink. We argued about the color every time she has to buy something. I want her things to be in different colors but according to her she is a girl so the color should be pink. Why do girl’s stuffs need to be pink all the time? She has pink slippers, hair clips, bags, watch, bracelets, blouses, hats, etc. Yellow? Well, she has one old yellow slippers, 1 yellow blouse which she has also the pink version and color yellow helmet because it is the only color available when hubby bought the helmet. 

But she has this yellow thing she uses everyday and every night for years and will be using for 4 more years (I hope). It’s her BED. Her bed was made by my father. It has 2 drawers on the side and has RJ’s name on the headboard.

RJ and I argued about what color we would paint her bed. Of course she liked pink but then she didn’t win. Yeepie, Mommy won this time! We painted it egg yellow to complement with the color of our wall. Thank God we painted our wall with pale yellow. If we painted it with shades of red, then you know what RJ’s bed color would be.