Baguio – A Family-friendly City

Though there are now towering buildings and bustling traffic, most especially in the downtown area, still, Baguio City is one of our favorite vacation place. In fact, it’s one place in the Philippines that we dreamed of living in. The only place in the country where we experienced the luxury and warmth of a gas fire pit and fireplace. Who could resist Baguio City’s beauty?

Baguio remains a family-friendly city despite of its progress. Beyond its busy downtown are parks and gardens with towering pines. The  pines’ sweet scent and cool breeze would welcome you every morning and the cool mists will touch your skin making every sip from your cup of hot coffee a heaven. You can jog and walk for hours without getting tired not just because of the cold climate but also because of the mystique beauty of the lush greens and myriad blooming and of course, the warm friendly smile from the natives you’ll see along the way.

Because of that, hubby booked a 3 days and 2 nights vacation to Baguio. Hooray! It’s supposed to be a surprise for me and RJ but because he needed my opinion on the hotel, he had no choice but to brake the big surprise. We’ve been to Baguio three times but still, I feel the excitement. This time, we’ll make sure to visit the strawberry farm and Philippine Military Academy which we’ve missed on our previous Baguio vacations.

Memories With Seesaw

Sometimes it feels good to let loose of all our worries and feel like a child again. It is good to look back wistfully to our childhood, those simpler and carefree times. That is why whenever we go to a park or playground, hubby and I took some time to ride a seesaw. The picture below was taken during our honeymoon in Baguio City eleven years ago. Look at those smiles. It was not just because of our honeymoon but because we were able to touch and stimulate the child in us. That was one of our happiest moments.

After eleven years, we still take time to ride a seesaw but this time with our playful RJ. These were taken two weeks ago when we went to Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Interaction with our children can bring the child in us so next time you go to a park with your children, play with them and do not just watch them.