Back to School Party for Kids

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Hosting a back-to-school party for your child’s classmates is a great way to say goodbye to summer while welcoming the coming school year. Be sure to inquire among the other parents about new arrivals to the neighborhood so no one is left out. Decorate with numbers and letters cut from construction paper or poster board, some brightly colored streamers and balloons and settle in for one last blast of summer fun!

Make a Craft
Give children apples cut from construction paper and ask them to draw a picture or write a note or poem for their new teacher. Designate a parent to put all of the apples into a manila envelope and deliver them on the first day of school. Provide art supplies like stickers and pictures cut from magazines or foam shapes in summer themes along with glitter, crayons and a glue stick and let children build a “summer memories” collage. Have a marker on hand for signing and dating the masterpieces.

Play Games
Break out last year’s schoolbooks and copy vocabulary words, math problems or chapter questions onto flashcards. Help refresh their memories by having a Spelling Bee, Math Marathon or Trivia Tournament. Make losing sweeter by giving the children a pencil or eraser for their goodie bags as they drop out. The winner gets a school-themed prize like a fun character notebook or lunch box.

Get Some Exercise
Head outdoors for a few fun summer games like a water balloon toss or sack race. Have a bubble blowing contest or try to keep beach balls aloft. Assign teams to encourage children to make new friends. Reward every player with a small box of crayons or a sheet of stickers. Fill a pinata with school supplies and let the children swing away.

Have a Healthy Snack
Build a “Food Pyramid Salad Bar.” Place veggies like shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and diced carrot and cucumber into large bowls at the bottom of the pyramid. Move up to smaller bowls filled with proteins like chopped egg, sliced turkey, diced chicken or tuna salad. Place small bowls containing toppings like olives, shredded cheese and reduced calorie Ranch dressing at the top. Give the children a whole-wheat tortilla or wrap and let them build their own snack. Serve with apples and raisins in yogurt or a bowl of fresh fruit. Instead of baking a cake, make cupcakes and pipe each child’s initials on the top with icing. Everyone gets a cupcake – when they find it! Keep a few blank cupcakes and some extra icing on hand in case of unexpected arrivals.

Book Exchange Get into the back-to-school spirit by asking guests to bring an inexpensive storybookwrapped in construction or notebook paper and printed with their names. You may want to suggest a line such as “I Can Read It Myself” or “Little Golden Books” to guarantee equal gifting. When they leave at the end of the day, give each child a book to take with them. See you in school!

Back to School

Back to school! RJ is now a fourth grader. I went with her to school on the first day of classes as I still have some things to tackle in school. She was so excited and I saw how happy she was to see her friends and how eager she was to meet her new classmates.

When I was about to go home, I was calling her but she can’t hear me. She was so engrossed chitchatting with her friends. It seemed like she needed hearing aid with powerful hearing aid batteries for her to hear me and respond at once. I can’t blame her though. She must have missed her friends so much because she hasn’t seen anyone of them last summer vacation. Look at her smile…priceless!

Back to School again
It’s another year of journey for RJ and I am confident that it will be smooth sailing throughout. She is in star section again and included in the Proficiency Enhancement Program (PEP) in English, Mathematics and Science. It’s a privilege to be included in PEP class as advance lessons and extra activities will be given.

Back to School

Our unica hija is back to school and we are happy that she always makes us proud.

Separation Anxiety Isn’t Just for Kids

Summer vacation is over. Just a week to go and RJ will be back to school again. She is very excited to see her friends, to meet her new teachers, to learn and gain knowledge. She is excited while I am having this emptiness. Time flies really fast and I hate it. It was just yesterday when RJ went to school on her diapers. She hasn’t had separation anxiety that’s filled with tantrums and tears but she asked me to wait for her outside the room because she was afraid somehow. Now that she will be a fourth grader, she looks so excited to be out and away from home the whole day. I will be left alone in the house and I think I am the one having the separation anxiety now. Lol!

What more when she has to go to college and stay in dormitory? I know it’s too early to worry about things like that but I cannot help myself from thinking about it. There are times I do not want that day to come. Oh, don’t get me wrong. My dream for RJ is to make a great living doing what she love. I would be happy to help her find the best degree so she would qualify on one of those highly competitive careers. It is just that I am not prepared yet for that. How can I alleviate the emptiness and longing? There are many ways. I just hope blogging is one of those ways.

Yes, separation anxiety isn’t just for kids. Parents feel that too when their children goes to school or will be away from home for a very long time.