Diaper Bag Must-Haves

It’s gonna be baby’s day out and as much as possible you wouldn’t want to ruin his day. As a meticulous mom, you’ll see to it that everything she needs is right inside your diaper bag. First time moms would surely be having a hard time packing but for their convenience, here are some helpful tips:

diaper bag

Diaper Bag – look for those bags having several compartments and with a sling. Your two hands should be free from holding anything and should be reserved for the baby alone. That’s why; sling diaper bags are the most ideal. Make sure as well that it is water proof, you would be placing your baby’s feeding bottle and some other liquids and there would be incidents of spillage.

Food – not unless you’re breastfeeding, carry as much milk as you can. Bring extra bottles with water in it so that you will just place the milk formula, a little shaking and you’re good to go.

Clothes – you’ll never know how many times your baby gets dirty so bring more than what you think she needs. Don’t forget to include towels and wipes because they come in handy to prevent frequent clothing changes.

Toys – they are your partners when it comes to diverting your baby’s attention. Their attention span is very short and you need to lure them out with rattles and similar items.

Personal Stuff – you diaper bag should also contain your personal things like shades and some freshening items. You wouldn’t want to look hilarious while your baby is well groomed.

The completeness of your diaper bag is the key to have your first baby’s day out a real success. It pays to know what to bring to fully enjoy the bonding with your precious one. It’s not being overly organized but it’s making sure that everything would turn out just fine.