Wholesale Baby Items Making It Possible for Retailers to Keep Prices Low

A primary goal successful retailers have is to find products customers want, then make it easy for customers to get those products, peferably easier than their competitors do. It’s the fulfillment of this goal that helped to make WalMart the retail giant that it became. Another way retailers distinguish themselves from the crowd is to offer rare products, items that are hard to find. Even more, to distinguish themselves from other store owners, some retailers offer products at prices that are lower than prices offered by their competitors. Yet, this isn’t always easy to achieve. It’s a reason some retailers depend on companies that sell discount products like wholesale baby items.

baby items

The costs of wholesale baby items begins long before the products land on store shelves. To begin, wholesalers develop relationships with manufacturers, people who actually make baby products. If wholesalers develop relationships with manufacturers who consistently create quality products and then wholesalers make these products available to retailers, wholesalers become dependable in the eyes of retailers, causing retailers to seek them out.

But, again, to be successful, wholesalers have to go beyond selling low priced products, they also have to sell quality products that have proven to be dependable. Signs that products like wholesale baby items are dependable include:

· Colors in clothing don’t streak after clothes are washed
· Garments sold with wholesale baby items don’t irritate a child’s skin
· Cloth doesn’t shrink after washed, making it possible for babies to wear bibs, outer garments like coats and jackets for extended periods of time
· Toys don’t break when infants shake or rattle them against furniture
· Pages of children’s books don’t fall out even as children explore the books

Wholesale Baby Items Area Retailers Can Buy and Sell
The kinds of baby items wholesalers distribute to retail stores vary. For example, besides outerwear like coats and jackets, other types of wholesale baby items retailers could purchase from wholesalers include:

· Baby photo albums (some albums are for girls, others for boys)
· Bath items (i.e. baby lotion, shampoo, wipes, powder)
· Hooded baby bathrobes and slipper sets
· Hooded towels, including Winnie the Pooh hooded
bath towels)
· Socks or booties
· Diaper bags
· Fashion wear (i.e. tee-shirts, diaper covers,
dresses, legging sets)
· Toys (i.e. rattlers, stuffed animals)

Some wholesalers offer discounts to retailers who purchase from them directly online. Other wholesalers allow individual consumers to purchase products from them directly, again at reduced prices. For example, associations, employers and community organizations can buy bulk wholesale baby items from wholesalers. If there were no wholesale baby items on the market, parents might find themselves paying hundreds of dollars to buy enough baby products to last their babies a month or longer. Retailers who value community, the relationships they have with their first time and repeat customers, know how tough it can be for parents to buy products like bibs, clothes, books, blankets and pillows for their newborns while meeting their household expenses, especially when the economy is weak. When retailers buy products from wholesalers then pass the savings onto their customers, it could help strengthen the economy and empower families financially.


Rhonda Campbell is an author who contributed this article. 

Proper Ways To Calm A Crying Baby

One of the stressing parts of having a baby is their seemingly unending cries in the wee hours of the night while everyone else is supposedly sleeping. Worst, they will only calm down when you carry them in your arms but the moment you place them back inside their crib, they start to cry once again. That is basically common among babies. They are not oriented with the time yet and they will just wake up anytime they want. When this moment comes, all they want is to be carried by their parents. Since everyone needs rest, it is the aim of most parents to put them back to sleep the moment they wake up while you’re supposedly sleeping soundly. Bear in mind that babies won’t like it and expect an annoying cry.

ways to calm a crying baby

There are several reasons why babies cry. Crying is their only way to convey some information like discomfort, pain, hunger and any other attention-seeking situations. If you would be to know what seemed to be reason why they cried, then most likely you’d be able to calm them immediately. But since they can’t talk yet, you’d be doing a lot of trial and errors to solve it. If the baby’s hungry, feed him; if the diaper is already full, change it; and etc.

Shaking the baby to calm down is a big no-no! You might be inducing the shaken baby syndrome and you wouldn’t want it to happen to your baby. A slight and comfortable dance while carrying them would be enough but make sure you aren’t going to shake the baby tremendously.

Babies are also attached to their parents during their first few months this happened to be the stage wherein they still building trust. Don’t leave them for a long time because it is important to let them feel that their parents are just around, ready to hold them in their arms anytime.

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Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. It is natural, pure and inexpensive. Breast milk is best for your baby because it is capable of meeting your baby’s nutritional needs for the first four to six months by providing the right balance of nutrients. But do you know that nursing your baby is also best for you? Just like fat burners, breastfeeding can help you lose the extra weight you gained during your pregnancy because it mobilizes the fat even those stored before pregnancy.

However, most first time Moms find breastfeeding uncomfortable. Don’t be discouraged. Instead, think that your baby needs your milk for him/her to grow into a strong and healthy toddler. You can try the following positions until you find the most comfortable for you.

Cradle Position

Hold your baby while you are seated. Baby lies tummy to tummy across your lap while supporting your baby’s head with your bend elbow. Keep the baby’s head higher than the rest of his/her body. You can use pillow to raise the head to your breast level. Ensure that your back is adequately supported.

Lying Down

Elevate your head with pillows so you can easily see your baby. The pillows will also prevent neck strains. Baby is sideways, tummy to tummy with you. Guide your baby gently onto your breast. Place a small pillow, towel or any thick cloth to cover you incision and protect it in case you baby kicks.

Football Hold

Just like the cradle position, you can breastfeed your baby while you are seated. Ensure that there’s pillow behind your back for support. Place a big pillow on your lap then rest your baby on top of the pillow. Using your palm, slightly tilt your baby’s head and direct his/her mouth to your nipple. This is a good position for Moms who delivered via cesarean.

As much as possible, use well-fitted special nursing bra for easier and comfortable breastfeeding most especially when you need to go out with your baby.

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Beauty and Miracle of Growth

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Sleep is one of the most important factors in releasing growth hormones, most especially for very young babies.While your baby sleeps, her little body produces 3x more growth hormones.
The good news is there is a way to promote better sleep for your baby: through a consistent nightly bedtime routine.
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In addition to the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine and products, there are countless other ways you can help your baby fall asleep and even share bonding moments in the process!
When I gave birth to RJ, I was overwhelmed as to how the hospital staff treated me. Everyone was accommodating and caring, from the nurses to the doctors. They even gave me some freebies like diapers and other baby products. What I like the most was the pamphlet they gave me about the “Babies’ Growth and Development”. As a first time mom, I needed all the information and advices that I can get on how to take good care of my baby.

Through that pamphlet, I learned how important sleep is for my baby’s growth and development. I was worried at first that RJ might not be getting the sleep she needed because she routinely woke up at night which is common to newborns. What I did is I helped her established a regular pattern of sleep using the miracle reflex with the help of Johnson’s baby oil. Wondering what miracle reflex is? Miracle reflex is a light stroke in the forehead that stimulates a reflex to close baby’s eyes. I damped my thumb with a drop of Johnson’s baby oil and stroke RJ’s forehead lightly, right down the middle to the bridge of her nose. I did the miracle reflex while humming in my low voice and it helped her feel calm and relaxed and soon made her fall asleep.

As RJ grows, I started to massage the other parts of her body. I constantly rubbed her back and tummy round and round while singing her favorite lullaby and milking massaged her arms and legs with Johnson’ baby lotion. This is not just to put her to sleep but for her to feel that she is well nurtured and loved. Whenever she was upset, I just held her, rubbed or cuddled and it calmed her down.

For babies, skin is the main source of contact with parents. They are sensitive to our touch and the way we handle them. They know when they are being cuddled, caressed or rubbed and I didn’t waste that phase of my baby. I registered to her all the love and care that I can give. Well, that was eight years ago. RJ just turned eight last July 23. Yes, she is already eight but I have not graduated from massaging her yet. Only this time I have consolation because she is massaging me back.


My baby grew a healthy, happy, caring and loving child. I cannot help but thank God all the time for the beauty and miracle of growth.