Internet Brings Families Together

I was in the 3rd grade when Dad left us to work overseas. It was hard for us most especially for Mom to be left alone with 6 kids. I know Mom had those sleepless nights. There were times that I saw her crying silently at night when she thought we were all asleep. Snail mail was our only means to communicate with dad. And whenever there is an urgency to contact Dad, we need to go to town proper which is 30 minutes drive from our house to make overseas calls via telephone operator. We had no choice but to live with that situation for years. If only we have access to internet then, it won’t be too hard for Mom.

Finally, internet was introduced to us! It was in mid 1990’s when the internet made drastic impacts not only to businesses but also to families. There was the rise of instant communication by electronic mail and instant messaging. Thanks to the researchers, inventors and engineers who never stopped to develop and maximize the use of internet. We now have video calls. It increased the quality of communications within households.

Internet brings families together. Families living apart can now share every precious moment with every family member anytime of the day despite of how busy they are. Not only that. Internet also gives great opportunities to stay-at-home Moms like me. I can now work and earn from home. I can join webinars via audio conferencing service, without the need to leave the house and my child. Most importantly, both my family and household bills are well taken care of because of the internet and the modern technologies.