One Paranoid Mom

When RJ had her first ride on the carnival, I was the one nervous. Since I heard about the accidents in Enchanted Kingdom, I never stopped thinking about the freak accidents in amusement rides. But no childhood would ever be complete without the amusement rides so I allowed RJ to experience it but I evaluated her first on what to expect on each ride.

Carnival Ride

one weekend at Story Land SM Fairview

Until now before she gets on any ride, I look closely if it might be an injury risk. If not, then I let her get into the ride but I read first the warning signs and follow carefully all the posted rules. We may have no control on the ride itself but we have control over which ones we allow our children to ride. I also instruct RJ to keep her arms and legs inside the ride or hold onto handrails if there’s any and always tell her to remain seated until the ride comes to complete stop. I am one paranoid Mom that keeps on reiterating these instructions every time we visit amusement parks. I think it is better that way than to be sorry in the end.

Colorful Amusement Ride RJ while enjoying the colorful ride

How about you, do you allow your child to get in a ride on amusement parks or carnivals?