Agua and Bendita


These are Agua (water) and Bendita (blessed), RJ’s new pets. RJ named them after the main characters in a telenovela from a local channel here. She asked for birds so hubby bought these birds yesterday. These are two of those things that will keep her busy this vacation. Yes, I know I have asthma so we should not have pets with furs or feathers, but maybe these two little cuties will not do me any harm. Besides, these are what RJ wants, they excite her and bring a lot of joy to her.

Having pets has positive physical, physiological and emotional effects on children. Researchers have proven that…

•Pet owners have better psychological well-being.
•Positive self-esteem of children is enhanced by owning a pet.
•Children owning pets are more involved in activities such as sports, hobbies, clubs or chores.
•Contact with pets develops nurturing behavior in children who may grow to be more nurturing adults. (source)

Just this morning, these birds are the first things that crossed RJ’s mind. She fed them, gave them water and I saw her smiling and talking to them. These pets will not just teach our little girl to be responsible, she also has little friends now to laugh with.