20 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

As they say, it is not right to say I love you because. It should be I love you in spite of. But for the Couple’s Corner theme today which is “Why Do I Love Thee”, I will enumerate why I love my husband. This is hard because I have a thousand plus reasons in mind and yet I need to limit this for the list will be too long. So here are the 20 out of a thousand reasons.

I love Rhonnel because…

I can be myself whenever I am with him. I can fart, I can burp, I can pig eat.

He doesn’t mind holding my hands and showing me affection even when there are people around.

He always says what I need to hear. I am beautiful even I am not. I am sexy even I am fat, ehehe.

He always says awesome things about me to other people especially how good I am as a wife and a mother.

He keeps his cool when I do something stupid and he always understands me even when I don’t deserve it sometimes.

He always makes me feel safe and secured when he is wrapping his arms around me.

Being with him I feel like I can defy the whole world.

He always helps me even when I am not asking for it. He cleans the electric fans and the bathroom and helps me with the laundry.

He always seems to be able to read my mind. Most of the time, I don’t need to say a word. He knows what I like.

He trusts me and supports me in every decision I make.

He has been good to my family and helps them in anyway that he can and they all love him too and respect him.

He is loyal to me and to everyone that matters to him.

He always stands and fights for what he believes in and for what he thinks is right.

He has great sense of humor and he is not taking life too seriously especially on financial issues that makes me worry less.

He has taught me so much about life; that life is not fair but with him, everything seems to be alright.

He has seen my bad sides but then he still loves me and sees the beauty in me instead.

He helped me discover myself and bring out the best in me. He appreciates my sketches and drawings and encourages me to do more.

He is the best father and husband anyone could ever ask for and hope for.

When I look into his eyes, I can see how much he loves me.

The way he loves me makes me love him more each day.

Because of this, I will grow old and spend my whole life with him.