Surprise Vacation for Our Little Mermaid

RJ loves playing in the water so much (I think all children do). She loves playing in the rain, thumping on water puddles and make splashes and most of all she finds swimming irresistible. She could swim all day without getting tired and hungry that is why we call her our little mermaid. Definitely she got this love for water from me. I love water so much that I even dreamed of having a romantic walk under the rain and a beach wedding with vibrant Caribbean atmosphere just like those weddings in Barbados. Until now the sound of waves lapping is music to my ears that boost up my sensors. I think it is the same sensory boost that RJ feels when she hears splashes and sprinkles, feels wetness and spots waves.

girl in water

little mermaid

Because of this, hubby and I will have a surprise vacation gift for her this coming summer, a 3 days and 2 nights on the beach. I am sure our little mermaid will love it.

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