Supporting Your Children’s Dreams

children's dreamIt is so exciting to hear children’s dreams, as to what they want to be when they grow up. Parents all too willingly oblige their children when they dress-up in costumes and play pretend. Kiddie versions of adult tools and kits for doctors, nurses, carpenters, firemen, policemen, scientist, and other professions are such hits in toy stores. Most children are really not all that serious about these dreams at such young age – it could simply be the cool red fire truck or the spiffy looking coat that attracts these kids. Their dreams will be more concrete over time as they develop their skills and interests. In the meantime, parents will simply have to provide various stimuli to their children to help them discover what they really want to do.

Although exposing kids to toys, books, lessons, and movies about specific occupations and careers is recommended, parents are advised to examine their own motivations for doing so. In some cases, parents could unconsciously be trying to influence a child towards a certain direction. Often, this direction has to do with the parents’ own dreams and aspirations. Starting the children’s dream this way might not be the wisest thing to do. They might eventually find themselves unable to achieve their dreams simply because their hearts are not into it. There are people who find themselves unsatisfied with what they have achieved despite succeeding in their professions. And, this is largely because they were “pushed” into the careers by their parents.

Encouraging children to dream and helping them pursue their dream starts with helping them discover themselves. Be observant about what activities and materials your child takes a special interest to. Support him in the activities that he excels in and provide what he needs to enhance his skills and build his competencies. And when he is ready to build his own dream, assure him that you will be there to walk through the journey with him.

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  1. As a mother to three kids, I believe that each of them has their own personality and dream. I can only guide and support them in any way I can. Seeing them grow up to be kind and loving persons will definitely make me happy but even happier if they achieve their goals in life.

  2. great tips!! my daughter in her age always tells me a lot of things that she wanted to be when she grow up and i am totally supporting her all the way. haha she wants to be a ballerina so i enroledd her to a ballet school and she wants to paint so now shehave art class and a lot of things you cant imagine hahaha xx

  3. There is nothing to be gained from pushing a child towards a career or an activity when he or she would rather do another. As long as the child’s interest will not be harmful to him or her, then parents should give as much support as they can.

  4. and the most important thing to support their dreams is to dream WITH THEM. help them to find themselves, not to program them that “choosing this is better”. parents are there to guide children,not to command what they have to.

  5. When I was a kid my mom always verbalized how she wanted us to be when we grow up but not specifically forcing in us to do what she wants. Yet somehow those moments have conditioned me to do really better at school and even at work. I am not a parent but I know parents should also dream there child’s dreams and lead them there until it comes true =)

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