Summer is marked by the longest day and shortest nights. This means more outdoor activities and more bonding moments for us. We have scheduled activities this summer and on the top of the list of course is swimming.

Like other kids, RJ loves to dip and play in the water. She swims from 8 a.m. til 4 p.m. and never gets tired. How I wish I have the same stamina as hers.


We also go to zoos and parks and stay there the whole morning. We have picnic mat and foods. It’s a perfect bonding time for my “mag-ama” because they can play longer. I love watching them while they are playing and teasing each other.



Summer also means more biking time for RJ and bonding with her cousins.


Thinking of perfect activities this summer? My list below might help you.

Bake and cook. RJ can have fun decorating and doing the taste test. She loves desserts so we will make grayham cakes, ice candy, mais con yelo and halo-halo together.
Scrapbooking. I will let her do her own scrapbook.
Draw and color. We will draw together as we both love to draw, sketch and color.
Board games. The three of us will play scrabble, snakes and ladders and I am planning to buy word factory.
Sungka. Playing sungka can be a good mother and child’s bonding too.
Make audio and video recordings. RJ loves taking pictures too. Maybe I can let her take pictures and make her own video.
Watch movies. I am starting to download movies for kids. We will watch together whie eating popcorn and our favorite snacks.
Videoke and dance. These are good past times too.

We can also do some outdoor fun like…
Swimming. We have mini pool and weekends are the perfect time for swimming as hubby can swim with us.
Stroll. Take trips to parks and playgrounds in the morning and have a picnic there.
Badminton. RJ and I both don’t know how to play badminton so hubby can teach us this summer and learn together.
Visit grandparents. We seldom visit her grandparents during school days. Maybe we can visit them every other week this vacation.
Arcade games. Playing in the mall’s arcade once in a while can be fun too.
• Or we can visit museums, galleries, ocean parks and zoos.

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  1. Wow! This is a long to-do list this summer. Thanks for sharing. We do all of these the whole year round but videoke and dance. Hmmm…maybe we can try that.

    You have a lovely family. I'm glad to meet you here.

    P.S. I signed in to follow. Looking forward to visiting more.

  2. Wow, you have a long list of activities. That will surely not bore your daughter. I like my kids playing sungka, too. Thanks for the visit, sis:) May you and your family have a swell weekend:)

  3. Thanks for the visit earlier Mommy 🙂 Choices and opportunities are bountiful this summer 🙂 Have a great one!

  4. The photo of your daughter and hubby with the 'nguso' is so cute! You got adorable kids! Thanks for listing down the activities…videoke would be on my list from now on too hehe.

  5. wow mare!!! dmi activities ahahha cute ng kiddos laki na ahhha =)) nweis yes lets star loosing weight na! ahahahha =)) kung nakakapayat lang ang kunsimisyun naku sana matagal n ko pumyat aaahahhah!! =))

  6. wow looks like fun-filled ang summer nila! thanks for sharing the list sis 🙂 im still on the lookout for summer activity for my kiddo 🙂

  7. In the Phils. as much as I want my boys to stay indoors bec of the scorching heat,I can't stop them anyway for going out bec I think it's one of the best thing to do to beat the heat,to stay outdoor but in a shade not in the sun. 🙂

  8. Hubby and I love arcade games too especially when we were not married yet, LOL! IHave a blast this summer! Love your photos!

  9. There are so much fun activities for kids during summer and a lot of bonding moments for the whole family, too. Thanks for dropping by my site. I've added this blog to my list of "Mommy Blogs." Thanks for adding my blog, too.

  10. That's a long list of fun activities. I might grab some ideas. Good luck and enjoy the summer days 🙂

  11. I think it's my first time here. I so like the blog lay-out and design 🙂 I wish my girls will grow a bit faster so we can try the activities you've listed na. 🙂

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