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I cannot remember exactly the last time I received a blog award. Was it 2009? So when I received this award from Lyza, a new found friend in blogosphere who used to be hubby’s classmate in high school, I asked her if she think so. It is flattering!
So, here are 7 things about me that I would like to share with you…
1. I will begin my life on June this year.
2. I l♥ve cooking!
3. I am currently reading “Kuyug” (a book of compiled comics      serialized in Tempo)
4. I am Bob Ong and Sidney Sheldon’s fan.
5. I am addicted to Cityville in Facebook.
6. I sketch and draw landscapes.
7. I hate window shopping or strolling in the mall.
Here are the rules in receiving this award:
•Thank and link back the person who gave you this award
•Share 7 things about yourself
•Award 15 great bloggers you know
•Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award
Now, I am passing this award to the Stylish bloggers I know…
Rose of Nostalgic Marvelling
Clarissa of Brilliant Days
Cecile of Down Home with the Kenyons
Nuts of Embrace Life
AC of Cheeky Munchkins
Jes of New Home Sweet Home
Liz of This is My Life
Levy of Living Life to the Fullest
Pehpot of Bee Mommy
Shy of Shy’s Mixed Thoughts
Mommy Rubz of  Pinay Mommy Online
Peachy of The Peach Kitchen
Willa of Fickle Minded
Dhemz of The Diaz Family Spot
Sir Mel of KISS-Keep it Short and Simple


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  1. Hello there,Mommy Rosssel!
    Thanks for the blog award,it's been awhile na rin.Anong meron sa June dear?^_^

    Thanks for dropping by at my Brilliant Days!

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