Stretching Your Food Money

It is hard to budget as prices of basic commodities are increasing almost everyday. Here are some tips on how to stretch your food money. I want to share this to all the moms out there and dads too who do the shopping.

1. Buy foods in season for they are cheaper than out-of-season foods.
2. Make a list of what you will buy before leaving for the grocery or market.
3. Check your supplies while making out your shopping list.
4. If your budget is limited, don’t buy luxury items on impulse.
5. Buy perishable foods only as you need them.
6. Buy food of good quality.
7. It is cheaper to buy basic supplies like rice, sugar, salt, oil and seasonings in large amounts.
8. Compare prices in different market stalls or grocery stores.
9. Buy only as much as the family can eat.
10. U can use evaporated milk instead of fresh milk in some menu.
11. In buying canned or bottled goods, read the labels carefully.
12. You can use other protein-rich foods like tofu, beans or eggs in some dishes instead of meat.
13. To avoid waste, cook just enough food for meal and serve small to medium portions.
14. It is all right to buy in large quantities if the price is less, provided you have space for proper storage.
15. Plan meal for several days at one time.
16. If you can not be home for every meal, carry foods or “baon” with you.
17. Try to minimize waste in food preparation.
18. If you have time and space, grow some vegetables you need in the garden.
19. If you have oven, make your own bread, cookies and cakes.
20. Use margarine instead of butter for it is cheaper and more healthful.
21. If buying vegetables, check the color and buy only what you can use right away.
22. Buy at a convenient time. If you are in a hurry, you will do your shopping randomly, thereby wasting both time and money.

Source: Best Recipes For The Home

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  1. First of all thanks for the visit and comment Mom Rossel.

    So true, sa mahal ng bilihin ngayon, the last thing we should do is to waste time and money buying things that we don’t really need.

  2. thanks for the tips. Sobra na talaga ang mga bilihin. isang hibla ng sitaw ay piso, sibuyas tatlo o limang piso isa. Minsan kulang kulang na lang ang ingredients ko para magkasya ang pera ko.

  3. kakatuwa naman ang koment ni nanay belen, pero totoo yon dahil sa hirap ng buhay aba…di mo namamalayan e halos ubos na ang budget mo pero konti pa lang ang iyong nabili…

  4. another tip: dapat busog ka bago magpunta sa supermarket para kung hindi anu-ano ang mapupunta sa loob ng basket mo.^_^
    Thanks for sharing,Mommy Rossel!

  5. Hi Rossel, thank you for your comment. Your advice how to shop is very good. Cooking is such a fundamental, cultural, everyday occurrence. It is fun and much more interesting to cook with basic, healthy ingredients.There is cookbook galore and every country has its own wonderful recipes. I must admit I do change and adapt lots of recipe. I have also a staple which I cook all the time, or when I do not feel like making a big effort.There are so many wonderfully easy, tasty recipes around to be able to feed a family well on a small budget.

  6. Naku ako kahit maglista ng bibilhin sa grocery e talaga namang nabibili ko kahit wala sa listahan. hay naku magastos talaga kami sa lafang. Pero since diet dietan ako ngayun, medyo nababawasan ang pagbili. hehehe.

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