Stressful Sunday

Sunday is supposed to be our rest day; watching movies on DVD, taking power nap and all. But yesterday was a very stressful Sunday. It was exactly the opposite of all Sundays we had. It was raining hard when suddenly our laundry area (also serves as our storage) got flooded. The water is stinking as it is coming out from the drainage. Hubby and I immediately scooped the water so it won’t reach the kitchen. It didn’t last for long because the water subsided rapidly as the rain stopped but hubby and I were forced to clean the down spout and the laundry area after. Sadly, some of the things that are stored in the laundry area, including RJ’s old toys, got soaked. In times like that, I realize how important elevated metal buildings are. It is a perfect storage for unused belongings most especially for flood prone areas like ours. I just wish we have a space for it.

I can’t forget the look on RJ’s face much more when she saw her wet toys. She was teary eyed when we trashed them. The scene may be distressing for her. It is the third time she witnessed such incident and she panicked each time. I just hope and pray that she won’t develop Antlophobia (fear of flood) or else it would adversely affect her.

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