Stay-at-home Mom vs. Working Mom

My Mom always tells me that being a stay-at-home Mom is very rewarding. I didn’t understand what she meant until someone calls me  MOMMY and decided to stay with this little someone. It was very hard to decide whether  I would join the work force again or be a full-time-mom and I am grateful that I chose the latter. It may be the hardest job but very rewarding indeed. I have witnessed RJ’s firsts, from steps, to first smiles, to tantrums and doodles. Watching her development from the helplessness of babyhood to a blooming tween is just priceless! But this doesn’t mean that being a stay-at-home Mom is better than being a working Mom. I’m sure nobody wants to work for long hours while missing their child’s milestones.

I have high regards for working Moms as I have high regards for SAHMs. I salute working Moms for being able to raise their kids and still work. I look up to them for being able to manage their time and balance everything and sometimes I envy them for being financially independent and having the freedom of financial choices with their own money. They can buy the shoes  they want without looking at the price tag. They can treat out a friend without worrying about the week’s budget. They can even change their cellphones, acer batteries or almost anything anytime they want (I’m exaggerating again). Well, you know what I mean…they have these privileges that sometimes we, stay-at-home Moms, doesn’t have.

To conclude, both stay-at-home Mom and working Mom has their advantages and disadvantages. Both are not easy jobs yet the most rewarding.

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  1. You can’t blame working moms because they have to contribute to the family income. Moms who get to work at home probably get the best of both worlds. I have always been a stay at home working mom and have a good relationship with my daughter. But my sis is a career woman, and her children are doing fine, too. In the end, maybe its the mom who worries over it and the kids just naturally adapt. It also depends on whether or not you have a good mothering style. A bad mother, whether she works at an office or works at home, is still a bad mother, and vice versa.

  2. I have done both where I was a stay at home mom and I am glad I am able to be this now. But with my daughter I worked a full time job and I did miss out on a lot and I hated it but as a single mom I had no choice but to work. Then I also have been alloweed to take my daughter to work with me which helped some but it is still not the same as being at home. So I would like to applaud the parents who do work from home as well as the ones who have jobs.

  3. Hey Rossel,
    Thanks for the above, It is just about every mother’s dream to be able to stay home and care for their children. Unfortunately, this dream is becoming harder and harder to obtain. Within every minute of every day the price of our necessities is rising. It’s not just the fuel that we use in our cars and to heat our homes, but every other utility, household product, and now more than ever, the food that we eat.
    Kindest Regards

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