Some Personal Time

We know all you mums out there love your kids to bits. Saying this however you did all have to up with him or her for nine long months as it slept inside your belly. During which the little monster gave you all sorts of problems! Bad moods, made you eat like Godzilla and you couldn’t even have a small glass of wine after a long, long day!

And now they need your constant attention, they make you run around cleaning up their messes, you have to cook, clean, shower them and wipe their bottom. So here is a great way for you to relax as soon as they go to soccer practice or when they finally fall to sleep. The best thing is, you don’t even have to leave the house to do it. So open a bottle of your favourite chardonnay and play some bingo at Ladbrokes.

When we tried it its really easy to join up and they give you a sign up bonus! Its an easy enough game and even if you don’t know how to play it, (which I seriously doubt) its very easy to learn. There is a really nice online community of other mothers just like you (and other bingo enthusiasts) all there to help you and have a friendly chat while you try your luck at the draws!

There are loads of different variations of bingo, and we suggest you try a few to find out which one really gets your juices flowing! You can either get reward points whether you play regular “90 ball bingo” or more exotic versions like “deal or no deal bingo” or “who wants to be a millionaire bingo”. If you ever get stuck they have live chat helpers that can help you out straight away, just remember that when you win don’t shout too loud or you may just wake the little ones up!

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  1. Little monster, lovely angel when asleep, lols. I read from a status “whoever coined plain housewife is truly wronged, there’s no such this as being plain in a housewife…lol. so true!

  2. It’s important to find personal time amidst the household chores and home responsibilities and having it in easy access would definitely save you much time and effort.

  3. That’s so true, being a mom requires a lot of patience. It’s a good thing there are a lot of online games we could play if we do get a little time to ourselves. Who wants to be a millionaire bingo sounds interesting and fun to do. I am felling a bit lucky today. Hope you get lucky too.

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