Snorkeling in Puerto Galera

We went snorkeling in Puerto Galera for the first time. It is included in the tour package we got. The tour guide fetched us at 8am. Yes, it was quite early but according to our guide, that’s the ideal time to snorkel or dive during summer so as not to be burnt by the scorching heat.  He then dropped us off at Sandbar Beach Club in Boquete Island where we met the boatman who accompanied us on snorkeling.

As soon as the boatman arrived, our guide handed each of us a mask and snorkel set and vest. Then he taught us the proper way of using the snorkel set. The sets are clean I guess because I can still smell the soap. When we asked for the fins, the boatman said fins are not recommended for first timers. According to him first timers kick frenziedly due to excitement and that could harm the small fishes. We need to practice first to gain better control of the fins but of course it would take time.

We rode the boat and headed to Haligi Beach, one of the good spots for snorkeling in Puerto Galera. But before we dip in the water, the boatman reiterated the proper use of snorkel set. He also checked if the masks has no leaks and fit us perfectly then we practiced breathing through the snorkel before the real thing. Then he gave us bread crumbs to feed the fish.

Off to water! We float in a horizontal position, faces down, while holding the rope that is tied on the boat’s rig. The rope helped us to float calmly (this is why fins are not really necessary). We had a hard time at first but after a few minutes we were able to relax our legs and control their movements in the water. And so there was a beautiful view of underwater reefs and life…colourful fishes of different sizes, corals, plants and seaweeds!

I realized that you don’t have to be a swimmer to see what lies beneath the water surface. So if you have the passion and affection for marine life, I recommend snorkeling in Puerto Galera. It was such a great unforgettable experience!

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