Simple Life

Hubby leaves our house everyday at 6:30 in the morning. He wakes up at 5:10am and prepares our breakfast before he wakes me up (guilty). I know, it’s me who should do that but it was he who insisted because he knows how tired I am in a day’s work as a mom, a maid and a blogger all in one, lol! It’s just a simple breakfast anyway, loaf, sandwich spread of our choice and coffee. But if he wants fried rice in the morning, then it’s my turn to wake up earlier. After hubby left the house, then my work begins, wash the dishes, clean the house, cook, etc. I should be done before lunch time for after lunch onwards is my blogging time.  That’s my daily routine. Boring sometimes but I got used to it. Tiring but very fulfilling too.

As for hubby, he is an Administrative Officer in a government agency. He has tons of work everyday and sometimes complaining. And even he is on vacation leave, he receives text messages and calls from their office. He loves his work though and like the people around him. He is their employee of the year for 2007 and second best employee for 2008, based on his co-workers’ and bosses’ votes. Everybody likes him that’s why I am very proud of him. He’s not just working hard, he knows also how to get on the wagon.

When he gets home in the afternoon, I see to it that the house is clean, RJ and I smell good and that the food is ready. I guess that is what every tired husband wants to see when he gets home. We will talk over dinner about anything that happened that day then we will watch our favorite movies after. Before we go to sleep, I asks him about his day in the office and he confides to me whenever there is and voices out his sentiments. I just listen to him and gives my opinions while caressing his back. We are just cuddling until we get to sleep or sometimes that cuddles lead to more romantic and intimate…you know.

This is our everyday routine, our life, very simple but we are thankful that neither of us needs to work overseas to sustain our needs.

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  1. Oo nga, yung cuddles that leads to something, it happens you know, hehehe.

    ay, oftentimes I see to it that the house is clean and dinner is ready when hubby gets home, he normally calls me before heading home, so I can start his dinner, ayaw kasi nun ng malamig, ang arte. Importante sa ating tired hubbies na pagdating sa house eh malinis at mabango ang mga aabutan di ba? nakakapagpagana sa kanilang pagtrabaho.

    Grerat post Rossel. Next week eh "We're the Best of Friends" naman ang topic natin..

  2. i wish i'm a stay at home mommah lalo na maliit pa anak ko. natawa naman ako dun sa lead to something you know

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