Shout for Joy

Tomorrow will be the last day of RJ’s periodical test. Woohoo! Why such merriment?

I feel blessed everyday for being RJ’s Mom. We never had problems with her in the house or in school. She is a sweet loving child and she always gets high grades that is why I can’t take her exams for granted even how busy I am both with my job and household chores. I always find time to make her reviewers, help her review and prepare her before the exams. I am keen to see her doing well in exams and hopefully graduate with flying colors. Education, which may be is as precious as diamond collection (or maybe more), is the only wealth we can give her that is why I am tutoring and helping her. This doesn’t mean I am dissatisfied with the teachings at school. It’s just that, the school can’t give each student individual attention.

However these past days, tasks are pouring like rain and honestly I do now know how to divide my time as a mother, tutor, homemaker and writer. Waaah! I must admit, I am very poor when it comes to time management. And now that RJ’s test will be over, I want to shout for joy (literally)…Woohoo!

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