She’s Bored!

It’s only been a week but RJ, our unica hija, is super bored. Blame it on her body clock because she’s used to waking up at 5:00AM so her body still observes the early morning rituals. She wakes up at 6:00AM and takes her breakfast while watching her favorite  morning television show and by 8:00AM, she can do anything what she wants. Problem is, she’s running out of things to do. She’s tired of playing with her toys, she’s tired of playing tetris in the computer and she’s tired of playing with her dance pad. Fortunately, we have enrolled her to a guitar lessons class, and she wanted this since last year. Problem is, it will start on mid-April so she still has approximately 3weeks to go to fight boredom. Luckily, she enjoy arts and crafts as well as watering my plants (actually, what she really wants is to play with water) so for the meantime, I’ll look for other art materials so she can hone her artistic skills and at the same time fight boredom.

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