Setting Your Kids Up For Success This School Year

The new school year is in full swing, and it’s a brand new year for your kids to grow, adapt, learn, and change. With new teachers, new classmates, and new learning material, a new school year can be a challenging time where young students will rely on the security and familiarity of their parents, siblings, and friends to help them navigate the change. Here are a few helpful hints to proactively set up your kids up for success in both academic and social spheres this fall.

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Feed your kids well-balanced meals, supplemented with multivitamins. Multi-vitamins help with a variety of things, including cognitive function, which will help your kids be successful in their home and class work. They increase energy, which will help your kids stay alert and awake to learn all the things they need to know to help prepare them for life. Multi-vitamins can also help with illness recovery, so if your child gets sick, they will typically recover more quickly with the immune system support. Also, if your child has dietary restrictions or allergies, multi-vitamins can help supplement the nutrients from foods they can’t eat.

Make sure your kids are getting plenty of quality sleep. Bedtimes may be difficult, especially with active children who are enthusiastic about getting all they can out of life. Establish a bedtime routine that will ease your kids into sleep, including bedtime stories, quiet games, or bath time. Start the routine early – consider starting a ritual of an after-dinner walk with the family a few times a week, which will increase the duration and quality of both their sleep and yours. Sleep is the body’s way of repairing itself after a long day, and is especially important for healthy growth and cognitive function in kids.

Help your kids develop healthy methods for dealing with their emotions. During the school day, your kids encounter all different types of people from different backgrounds, which is a good preparation for them to learn how to navigate life in a controlled environment. They may encounter bullies or students who are being bullied. Teach your kids where to find safe individuals to talk about their concerns, and listen carefully without lecturing when they share about their fears. Kids need to know that they can trust their parents and depend on them in crises, which will also establish healthy ways to deal with emotions all through life. Use this time as a valuable time to show your kids how much you love them and you can also lovingly instruct them how to deal with their emotions.

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  1. I think sleep is important and also guiding them…though I don’t have kids, I am well-guided by my parents to ensure that I successfully do schoolwork at my best potential.

  2. We’ve just started school, true I give the kids multivitamins everyday…all of them have allergies with stone fruits :/ So I can only give limited food for baon :/ Sleep—we have to work on that…

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