Separation Anxiety Isn’t Just for Kids

Summer vacation is over. Just a week to go and RJ will be back to school again. She is very excited to see her friends, to meet her new teachers, to learn and gain knowledge. She is excited while I am having this emptiness. Time flies really fast and I hate it. It was just yesterday when RJ went to school on her diapers. She hasn’t had separation anxiety that’s filled with tantrums and tears but she asked me to wait for her outside the room because she was afraid somehow. Now that she will be a fourth grader, she looks so excited to be out and away from home the whole day. I will be left alone in the house and I think I am the one having the separation anxiety now. Lol!

What more when she has to go to college and stay in dormitory? I know it’s too early to worry about things like that but I cannot help myself from thinking about it. There are times I do not want that day to come. Oh, don’t get me wrong. My dream for RJ is to make a great living doing what she love. I would be happy to help her find the best degree so she would qualify on one of those highly competitive careers. It is just that I am not prepared yet for that. How can I alleviate the emptiness and longing? There are many ways. I just hope blogging is one of those ways.

Yes, separation anxiety isn’t just for kids. Parents feel that too when their children goes to school or will be away from home for a very long time.

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  1. Good thing there’s technology now, imagine how parents survive before when the only way of communicating with their child is through snail mail. When RJ grows up technology will be much more better, maybe there will be ways na para hindi mo sya lalong ma-miss. 🙂

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