Sensitivity and Marriage

Am I sensitive? I must admit I was overly sensitive and kind of paranoid. Rhonnel can attest to that. Well, I was young then and immature. But as the years passed by and as I mature, I have learned how to be open-minded and view things positively to the extent I think that it made me numb. Lol! I have changed a lot. I do not easily get hurt even by the words or actions that you think might hurt or offend others. If Rhonnel thinks I am wrong, he can tell it straight to me; he can correct my grammar, tell me that I am gaining weight, if my cooking is not good, without me being hurt. I am taking them positively; that he just wants to improve me.

Is he sensitive? Not a bit. He is twice as numb as me. Lol! I haven’t seen him got annoyed with my “kakulitan” or tantrums. But he is sensitive enough to my feelings and needs. He knows if I am sad or not feeling very well. He knows if I need some massage or if I want…..and so am I.

Paying attention to our partner’s feelings and understanding his/her moods is very important. Being sensitive to each others feelings and needs is a big help for the marriage to last. But sensitivity in a negative way, can ruin a beautiful relationship.

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  1. Tama ka dyan, sensitive in a negative way does ruin a relationship. dami naman nating nalalaman about our relationship thru this Meme. I am so happy na lagi kang present. Sa umpisa lang naman talaga yung pagiging overly sensitive, gang sa nakakasanayan na rin di ba? especially kapag loves mo ang partner mo, parang..ok lang alam mong lambing lang niya yun..

  2. Super agree. Kapag kasi sensitive dumadami issues at humahaba pa. Maturity helps a lot, kaya din siguro yung ibang mga young couple and early parents di ngsusurvive ang relationship.

    Tnx for dropping by.
    Happy CC (=

  3. Parang binato mo na rin ako sa post mo Rossel. Oo nga, one should turn sensitivity to positiveness. Nainspire mo ako sa post mo, kasi, yan din ang ginawa nang hubbz ko sakin. Madali akong masaktan, pero mawala naman kaagad if I won't wait for him to come and kiss me, I should kiss him more. That should I always do.

  4. Dyan tayo magkaiba tokaya kasi ako until now sensi pa rin lol but di naman to the point na paguugatan na ng problema.. Medyo palalambing lang para mas sweet si hubs lol.

  5. it just shows how sensible a person you are. you were able to change and adjust and became a better YOU. life is an endless learning experience.. nice post!

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