Screen Enclosures Extend Your Living Space

In addition to the enjoyment that you as a homeowner receive, if you are looking for a builder/construction company that excels in Jacksonville screen enclosures, you can depend on a well-established company to do an excellent job on the installation and everything else that is required.

Professional designers and a team of experienced staff will take your dreams and make them into a custom reality and bring the indoors and outdoors together perfectly. They can extend your living space using details that mirror your interior such as the lighting, plants, wall decorations, stylish furniture, and more.

Enjoyable year round, you will have a bug-free outdoor room that will screen in your patio, pool, hot tub, or be a sitting room in the middle of nature where you can relax, read, and visit with family and friends.

Offered will be a complete package for the comfortable entertaining area that will lead to a satisfactory completed custom designed project.

The initial meeting provides the company with your wish list of the exact features that you desire so that they can be a part of the final design.

A site analysis is prepared because each property is different and has its own characteristics that must be taken into consideration. Measurements and photographs will be taken so that every aspect of your property can be worked into the design.

In the design phase, the drawings will be to scale and will reflect what was on your wish list added to the other features that will transform that outdoor space into a stunning and inspiring enclosure.

As far as the construction goes, using a licensed contractor give you a qualified “One Stop Shop” that will handle each aspect of the installation. Close attention will be given to quality craftsmanship and artistic detail that will be added to the basic building codes and specifications.

CORE Outdoor Design is an excellent example of just such a company . They would be happy to show you their portfolio of what they have done with different enclosures to make them beautiful and unique and answer any of your questions.

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