“Sacrifices for loved ones”…hmmm, this is the hardest topic I encountered so far at Couple’s Corner. Hard because I don’t really know how to describe sacrifice in my own words. I haven’t experienced it yet.

I salute those who sacrificed for their families like Joyce Milgaard whose son was linked to a grisly crime and was jailed. Joyce never doubted her son was innocent so she did everything to prove her son’s innocence. After 28 years of waiting and struggle, his son became a free man and again felt the wind in his skin.

I can’t imagine the pain Barbara Goodlett went through when her daughter Marsha died of Huntington’s disease. Marsha had a very simple request from Barbara before she died. She wanted Barbara to write their story. When the publisher turned down Barbara’s story “Twenty-Three Valentines from Marsha”, she published and sold the books herself.

These are just two of the stories about sacrifices that I read. I love stories like these though they always make me cry. They are very inspiring and make family members to be closer.

Oh I remember, I gave up my job to be a full time mom. Yes, that is sacrifice but I guess what I’ve done is nothing compared to those who gave up their own happiness or even their lives for their loved ones. And I thank God for not giving us trials like that. I am willing to do everything for my family but then I am not sure if I am as strong as Joyce Milgaard and Barbara Goodlett.

“In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.”
~Henry Ward Beecher~
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  1. I also gave up my work for my kids so although it was only a little sacrifice, still because i love them so..

  2. i guess we can only remember sacrifices when were anxious or depressed ahahahah! nweis for now wala tlga tyu maisip eh! ahahahha =)) happy couples corner! thnaks for the viist =)

  3. Rossel- giving up your job to care for your family is a sacrifice. And don't ever think that you had never anything like that. There are little things that yo sacrifice in your everyday life but you don't know it. Lucky you na hindi mo talaga kelangan mag sakripisyo ng malaki for the sake of others. Thanks for joining this week. Have fun.

    By the way, bagong bihis ang site mo ah, I like the picture effect..

  4. I admire those moms who sacrificed their careers to take care of their kids and also i understand naman those who can'T.. SAHMs are just lucky to have a hardworking and good provider husbands diba..

  5. Giving up your career is a big sacrifice and yet a rewarding one tokaya!

    Opppps, can you please add my new blog here? Thanks a lot! Please also leave your url/s on the comment section of my blog para madd ko rin sa blog roll.

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