Roto-Rooter Plumbers Go Above and Beyond

Maybe for most people plumbing is not a big deal, but for my husband it is. He hates fixing dripping pipes and drains and most of all he hates fixing clogged toilet. Who does, anyway? But last weekend, my husband had no choice but to fix the leaking P-trap of our kitchen sink. See the photo below? It’s my husband cutting the P-trap (out of frustration) with a metal saw. And when he thought that everything he did is just right, it dripped again.


Guess what happened next? Oh yes, you guessed it right…he called a plumber. After wasting so much time, he finally realized that it is wise to call a plumber to deal with the emergency dilemma of the P-trap.

My husband could fix a faucet pretty well but when it comes to other tasks he needs the help of a licensed plumber. It is because plumbing is not an easy job for inexperienced. It is not as simple as cutting and gluing the pipes together. It takes skills to do the job and sometimes more complex tools are needed to fix complex problems which the average Joe, just like my husband, doesn’t have.

Plumbing experts go above and beyond to make the job right. However, a trusted plumber can sometimes be hard to find. In times like these, Roto-Rooter plumbing and drain services could be a big help. For them, no job or customer is too big or too small. They accept not only residential plumbing but commercial and industrial plumbing works as well such as high-pressure water jetting, underground leak and line detection, video camera pipe inspections, grease trap and liquid waste pumping, backflow protection, automated drain care programs, etc. Yes, plumbing is not just about water pipes. There is so much more to plumbing that only the experts and licensed plumbers can do.

This is a sponsored post for Rotorooter, however, all the points and views are my own.

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  1. Your husband reminds me of my ex-BIL who tries to do everything around the house, and ends up frustrated with his own attempts at plumbing. I thought he should stay put where he belongs ‘on the skin of other people’ lol… (he’s a dermatologist). Plumbing requires training, although it can be learned thru experience, but during emergencies it is expert skill we need.

  2. ahaha, i remember my husband also tried fixing our laundry faucet and instead of being fixed it turned into a water fountain lol, last resort is to call a plumbing expert din hehe

  3. I must say me and my mom are so lucky to have my dad. He knows all those “boys” job. Plumbing, electricity, anything about cars, name it.

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