RJ’s School Days

RJ started to go to school when she was 2 and 1/2 years old. I know that was too early but she was the one who insisted. She was bugging me everyday that she wanted to go to school and she was crying every time the kids in our neighborhood were being fetched by their school service. So when the day care center in our place offered a month long summer class, I enrolled RJ while she was still in her diaper. On the first day of classes she was staring with wonder at big kids who were crying because they didn’t want to be left by their mothers. Then she looked at me and said, “Sige na mommy, iwan mo na ako. Uwi ka na.” (Ok Mommy. Leave me and go home). I was very proud of my little girl.

On her  first day in pre-school, she was very excited. She didn’t want to go to school in diapers and wean herself from the feeding bottle. She was the youngest in her class but graduated with three awards. She can read at the age of three and can spell at 3 and 1/2.

RJ is turning eight this month and already in the third grade. Until now I can see in her that  same enthusiasm in going to school. She is always excited to meet her teachers and see her classmates.  And when she gets home, she has endless stories on what happened each day.  And her latest good news is, she is one of those who were chosen to compete in the Nutrition month quiz bee. That is why me and Rhonnel are very inspired to work hard and support her in anyway we can even if it means I have to be a stage-mother. I don’t mind to be called one anyway. lol!

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  1. hahaha i'm sort of a stage mom as well but think there's nothing wrong with it. You have a smart daughter =)

  2. Wow, super smart naman ni RJ, I feel guilty with your post lol. Kasi di ko masyado natuturuan si Rye, I promise myself to start this month and my goal is for her to be able to read before August, I hope I can do it. I just need to cut off from blogging.

  3. You have a smart girl for a daughter, Rossel! In Justin's school, they don't have awards or medals for kids; non-traditional kasi. We're moving him to big school next year so he can experience what a traditional school offers. By then, I will also have to shop na for school supplies. LOL!

  4. Cute school girl!

    Me too, it's okay if I'm called stage-mother, basta for my son, the best talaga and whatever makes him happy.

    Have a great weekend, Mommy Rossel! 🙂

  5. Nakakatuwa naman si RJ mo. Imagine at 2-1/2 years eh nagpilit nang pumasok sa school at hindi siya umiyak pagdating sa school at pinauwi ka pa. Itinigil na rin niya ang paggamit nang diapers at paginom sa bote. What an amazing kid you have. Meron siyang inborn yearning to learn new things and meet different kinds of people. Normally yung mga batang ganyan ang mga nage excel pag laki nila whether in showbiz, politics or the business world. Alagaan ninyong mabuti ang anak mo at someday she will bring you much honors. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

  6. wow..galing naman ng baby mo Rossel. Yong bunso ko na mag ka-idad yata sila sila (bday din this month and grade 3 na din) ayaw mag-aral noong maliit pa kasi ayaw gumising ng maaga..pero ngayon top din sya sa school from K-1 til Grade 2…pero hanggang ngayon tamad pa ring gumising ng maaga hahahaha.

  7. naalala ko rin ang first day of school ni wakaba lol!
    confident din pala si RJ at mukhang di mahiyain which is good naman for her.I bet she's easy to get along well with–mukhang friendly kasi^_^

  8. awwwwwww….you are raising a very smart kid teRoss…waaaaa….she is very pretty….:) love her backpack…hehehehe!

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