RJ’s New Accomplishment

Good thing about being a work-at-home or stay-at-home Mom and having a camera at the same time is we can record and keep track of our children’s accomplishments be it developmental milestones, academic achievements or just learning new things. Every step and milestone our children make and their new accomplishments our our joy and we want to share and shout them in the whole world. It sounds bragging sometimes but who cares? We are proud parents!

RJ joined the Star Scout when the classes started last June but it was only last December when they had their pledge so she is now a fully pledged Star Scout. At first she was only after the Jamboree but now she is enjoying the activities and I am glad that it is honing her to become responsible, decisive, patriotic and God fearing.


Our Star Scout
When RJ asked us if she can join the council, I immediately replied “Yes”. I know RJ will enjoy the activities, meeting new friends and the fun way of working with them, because I was a Girl Scout for years. I never experienced the Jamborees but I experienced a long camp once (5 days if i remember it right) and I also joined a number of mini camps on different schools and spent a night. I am looking for my picture taken way back then to post here but I cannot see it. I will post it here as soon as I see it and that is a promise.
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