RJ’s Bed is Yellow

RJ’s favorite color is pink. We argued about the color every time she has to buy something. I want her things to be in different colors but according to her she is a girl so the color should be pink. Why do girl’s stuffs need to be pink all the time? She has pink slippers, hair clips, bags, watch, bracelets, blouses, hats, etc. Yellow? Well, she has one old yellow slippers, 1 yellow blouse which she has also the pink version and color yellow helmet because it is the only color available when hubby bought the helmet. 

But she has this yellow thing she uses everyday and every night for years and will be using for 4 more years (I hope). It’s her BED. Her bed was made by my father. It has 2 drawers on the side and has RJ’s name on the headboard.

RJ and I argued about what color we would paint her bed. Of course she liked pink but then she didn’t win. Yeepie, Mommy won this time! We painted it egg yellow to complement with the color of our wall. Thank God we painted our wall with pale yellow. If we painted it with shades of red, then you know what RJ’s bed color would be.

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  1. this bed is pretty! if only i have a girl. hehe. 😉

    btw, it's my first time to join this meme. hope u can check out my blog. it's here: Buzzy Mommy

    thanks! 🙂

  2. Yeah, kids do that "you're a boy-blue! you're a girl-pink" attitude most of the times haha. Love this, yellow makes the room looks cheerful. Happy!!!

  3. Nice color Bes. Nicole was used to like pink only, now she likes other color too like blue and violet. I am sure RJ will like other colors too.

  4. well i cant blame your little pretty girl if she loves pink, it's a girl thing nga naman hihi.. even me, lately ko lang nagustuhan ang pink, gusto ko kasi blue. Pero pinaka-safe color nga ang yellow, plus lucky color for fengshui.. Have a nice weekend po =)

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  6. Nung maliit pa si Wakaba at Haruka,wala silang masyadong pink clothes na closet nila.We wanted them colorful pero nung medyo lumaki na sila,ayun,halos pink na yata ang ang mga damit nala lol!
    I love RJ's bed,dream ko rin na magkaroon ng bed sina Wakaba at Haruka but because we're living in an apartment,malamang sa labas kami matutulog dahil sisikip kami dito lol!

    Have a blessed weekend to you and your family,Mommy Rossel!^_^

  7. Nice color combination.

    Pink is a pretty and sweet color that goes well with girls' personality so it's natural if most of them like pink 🙂

  8. Ganda naman ng personalized design ng bed bearing RJ's name. Great idea, mommy. And yellow is a good color to always brighten up her day.

  9. thanks for the visit. Sure sis, will inform you kapag meron akong next contest. Ooh, i love her bed, nice ang color nya.

  10. What a nice bed 🙂 Looks nice and its so sweet of RJ's lolo to make her one. Beats any bed you can buy in a store.

  11. Nice entry for Mommy Moments! anyway, for sure, that bed will last for years, i like the design it provides more room for other stuff.

  12. lovely naman ng bed ni RJ. gusto ko rin ng ganyan for my kids ung double deck. we need to fix their room pa. pink tlaga ang girls. ako no problem with my eldest coz we have the same favorite – blue.
    thanks for the comment in my post:D

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  13. I had the same bed when I was just a little girl…and it was color pink : ) I think little girls really like pink, but it is a nice yellow bed. Have a nice day!

  14. Ang saya naman ng bed ni ate. Nice one po. Btw, thanks for wonderful message sa baby Julia ko teh. Hehe! Buti nalang nagmana sa tatay, hehe!

    I linked you up by the way. Care to exchange links with me po? Thanks!

  15. Ang sarap kaya matulog diyan, he-he-he. I love yellow, too. Pag-gising mo, happy and energized ang feeling mo. 🙂
    Have a blessed Sunday, Rossel.

  16. pink is my daughter's favorite too.. every thing she has is in pink…

    🙂 glad that you have a yellow bed for RJ.. it looks so cheerful and fun!

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