Retro Look

I received this bunch of roses as birthday gift from my bestfriend Hazel. RJ love them so much. She hugged and kissed them as if the bouquet is meant for her.

Bouquet of Roses

Then she asked for the ribbon. I thought she will use it to tie something but instead she used it as headband. Lol! So the stage Mom dabbed a little orange eyeshadow on her eyelids and asked her to pose. Voila! Retro look…

Retro Look

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  1. ay, ribbon pala ng bouquet yung headband! ang cute… the flowers are really lovely! visiting your KID entry mommy rossel.

  2. How sweet naman is your friend Hazel to have sent you a bouquet of roses which your daughter RJ loved so much. And putting on her hair the ribbon and you dabbing her eyelids with orange eye shadow completed the retro look. Ang sweet nyo namang magina, hehehe. God bless you all always.

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