Reindeer Hides- The Snug Rug

Your home is a place filled with your individual tastes. The decor reflects your thoughts and feelings, bold colors and bulky shapes, or refined and understated elegance. So why should your rugs and furniture throws be run-of-the-mill?

Reindeer hides are a unique way to show your sense of style. The subtle colors are rustic, earthy and calming. However- you could choose to showcase your reindeer skin on the back of a sofa, surrounded by pillows in bold colors. Your reindeer hide will have the individuality that you love. No two hides are exactly alike. The soft skin can be tanned to be water-resistant too.

reindeer hide
A soft, warm reindeer hide on the back of the furniture is a cozy way to keep warm on chilly nights. A reindeer rug situated beside the bed is a wonderful way to wake up. Instead of freezing your toes on the icy floor, your toes will sink into furry, sumptuous warmth. A waterproofed hide is a perfect rug for your covered patio or sun porch. Reindeer skins could also be used as a bed cover. Cold winter nights will be no match for you as you wrap in comfort and drift off to sleep. Let the winds blow. Let the snow fall. You will be warm and comfy.

Perfectly tanned reindeer hides, soft and subtle and plush, are beautiful when mounted on a wall. Forget painting an accent wall. Just use the reindeer hide to add texture and color. Place a very large hide on a wall for a high intensity impact. You could also choose to place smaller reindeer hides on the wall in groupings. This will display the variation of patterns and colors from hide to hide.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, take the reindeer hides that have been waterproofed with you on your next camping trip. They will add a layer of softness to your tent while adding a toasty feel to your sleeping bag. You could even choose to take the hide in place of your sleeping bag. Just roll up in it to enjoy its comforts.

Reindeer rugs will be a nice investment, therefore they need to be cared for properly. It is very important to keep them away from heat sources. Heat can cause shedding and damage to the rugs. The rugs should not be placed in a high-traffic area. Pets should not be allowed to sleep on the rugs as it may damage the hairs. A treated hide should be misted with water to keep it from drying out. Do not put water on a hide that has not been waterproofed. Do not vacuum your reindeer rug. It is highly recommended that if your rug needs cleaning that you simply shake it out. This will allow the dirt to fall out without damaging the hairs on the hide.

Your reindeer hide can give you years of comfort. Take care of them. Place them on your furniture, your walls or your floors. The beauty and function will add value to your home for years to come. To view a selection of reindeer hide rugs and other natural animal skin products click here.

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