Rainy Day Activities

Last Wednesday classes were suspended from pre-school to college because of typhoon Juaning (international name: “Nock-Ten”). RJ was home the whole day watching her favorite movies while drawing. You know kids…they will do anything to entertain themselves. They can’t just sit and watch TV or sleep the whole day just like most of us, adults, do on free time. I thought RJ was enjoying until I saw her Facebook shout out…

Facebook message

“I hope classes resume tomorrow. I want to have lessons again in school.
It’s boring in the house”

I can’t believe that my girl now understands the meaning of bored and boring. Boredom is an adult concept. Children cannot be bored unless they have nothing to do or nothing interests them. Just in RJ’s case, it was raining cats and dogs so she can’t play outside. She just watched her DVD movies for the nth time. Yeah, sounds like a very boring day. The solution must have been very easy if I only paid attention. Guilty Mommy here… I was so engrossed blogging and Facebooking so I didn’t discern whether RJ is enjoying or not. I should have taken advantage of that day and watched, read or played with her instead.

If you hear same outcry from your kids, just give them something interesting to do that will get them un-bored. Here are some activities for your kids on rainy seasons…

Indoor activities:
Family fun crafts
Puppet show
Classic board games
Singing (Videoke)
Magic tricks
Hide and seek
Cooking or baking (with your supervision)

Outdoor activities:
Backyard and driveway games (marble launch, tags, and the likes)
Or just play out in the rain, thump in the water and jump into created puddles.

These are just suggestions. Kids have different interests so it would be best to know what interests your kids the most before planning your rainy day activities.

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